It’s such a relief to make life an easier journey and sometimes words can do just as much. Millennials will make a word sound like it’s the first time it’s ever been used or pimp their wardrobe just to cope with the changes.Here are common catchy phrases that every pulser should adhere to;

Enjoyment ku enjoyment leads to unemployment.

This is such a fun phrase to sing out loud but if you think about it, it was a warning in itself; especially to employed pulsers who do not know how to plan their enjoyments. You need to know that there are days where you have to show up for work fresh, sober and not fatigued. If you don’t know when to stop, it could cost you your job.

Yagaliza Offune.

This is a luganda phrase loosely translated as when you wish people well, you receive good things. This is not chalk and blackboard wisdom, it’s just one of those things we pick up as we grow that its good to always wish people well. It’s almost innate.

Know your worth.

In such a time as this where our economy is not stable, one needs a tough footstool if they are to make sense of it. It’s okay to say no to a job if it does not meet your worth but you can only take this decision if you know what your worth is.

Money doesn’t know English.

It only knows hussle. Do not look down on people that offer you opportunities but cannot speak English. You should also let that person you care about know that inability to speak or understand English is not a one way ticket to failure. It might pose some challenges but it’s definitely not a major.

It will end in tears.

Much as this sounds negative, look at it from a brighter side. Somehow everything ends in tears but what kind of tears? is the ultimate question. If you carefully invested your feelings, relationships and friendships, the only tears you will be crying are tears of joy and not pain. Be careful in whose hands you place your heart and sanity.

Yambala onyume

Twambale Apparel and 10,000 other boutiques & online stores around but you choose to be lousy! The uncertainties of life are already hard to crack, let your fashion sense not be a hard one too. Remember, the way we dress greatly affects our mood.

Gratitude is a must

If you were grateful for everything you ate, wore, received, won, deserved etc you will realize how easy it is to get along with this thing called life. Also a grateful heart is a happy heart.

We move regardless.

The interpretation of this phrase just like any other varies. But on such a lovely day I would hope that we go with the version that means that losses should not stop you from moving on to the next opportunity. Opportunities present themselves in various ways and whichever you choose to settle with, we move regardless.

A wise man once said, Parte parte parte after parte. Like the happy people we are, it only meant to us that Life is not that serious, at the end of the day, we all need a good cheer and wind down. How can we best do that if not for parte. Enjoy life pulsers!


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