Renowned radio and club deejay, Seth Mwalye alias Deejay Ciza has partnered with fast rising singer and songwriter Cosign in his second collaborative project ‘Bad Energy”

The song which was produced by sound engineer Baru and producer Aethan was released on Saturday May 12th.

The same day doubled as the day for Deejay Ciza’s annual House party which was held in Kiira, Wakiso District.

Generally, the song spreads a message of positivity, calling off people who bring bad vibes to others.

“In this era, we really need to keep away from people full of negativity because once it gets to your head; it greatly kills the motivation, which really is the fuel to your next destination,” said Ciza during the premier on Saturday.

Listen to the song here

Who is Deejay Ciza?

Born Mwalye Seth on January 26th, 1992, DJ Ciza is an influential Ugandan DJ brand known for a fresh taste in local, African and global music with both the radio and nightclub vibe.

He has gradually risen to being a household name with his distinctive hype voice whilst mixing on the turntables.

DJ Ciza’s self-taught journey saw him go from beginner to up-and-coming professional in under 18 months, along with discovering his gift of entertaining through music.

Besides entertaining at night spots, DJ Ciza also currently holds down 3 weekly deejay radio shows whose reception from listeners has been continuously positive over a combined 5 years.

The shows include Jam Floor fillers on Tuesday, Flight 97 on Friday and Baseline on Saturday all of which air at Radio City.

DJ Ciza has previously partnered with rapper J-Wats in his first collaboration, ‘One of a Kind’

Who is Cosign?

Cosign is a multitalented Ugandan music artist/song writer doing a range of genres like RnB, Dancehall amongst a variety many others.

He was first recognized on his first studio single ‘’NIWATWIRE’’ that was released in January 2017. He then followed it up with songs like ‘’LOVE Y’EBIGAMBO’’ and his late 2017 project ‘’NOVEMBER REFIX’’



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