Pulse Music: The 10 Hottest Ugandan Songs on Tidal

The new year is still as fresh as dawn, with great promises of hard jams from several Ugandan artistes across the divide. And with the MTV MAMAs a few days away, 2021 is promising to be a memorable year in our music industry.

On the MTN-Tidal platform, the hottest and most popular Ugandan jams at the moment are led by young sensation Eezzy, a student at Kyambogo University. Eezzy’s Tumbiza Sound ranks top of the log of the most popular songs in the country on the platform.

As if University students are saying “It’s Our Time to Shine”, Kampala International University’s singing medical student Quex comes second with his 2020 anthem – Kachumbali.

My personal favourite, Pallaso’s Malamu completes the Top 3 and I am sure the top spot is just being warmed for us. Yes, us (Pallaso and I).

In Number 4 is Love Panic by Vinka and Mudra’s Muyayu is fifth. All these are awesome songs and I am really mesmerized by the taste of Ugandan music lovers. There is no jam in the Top 5 so far that you wouldn’t groove to, even if you were in the Commercial Court.

Fik Fameica’s Buligita and Zex BilangiLangi’s Ratata are in 6th and 7th respectively. I love Fik and that statement by someone online that he really went hard on this Buligita jam was the truth and nothing but the truth.

Spice Diana’s Kwata Wano is 8th, and the All Boy Crew of B2C makes 9th spot with their Mundawo hit. To cap the list is Daddy Andre with Tugende Mu Church!

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Pulse Rewind: The Electric #ClubBeatzAtHome Show of The Mayanjas

Club Pilsner’s final episode of the lockdown induced Club Beatz at Home show was to go down in a style that no one would have anticipated, special thanks to the organizers.

The talented Mayanja musical brothers Jose Chameleon, MC Pallaso and Weasel (of the Radio and Weasel) fame as anticipated put up a very electric performance to cap what organizers say was the final episode of the show.

Introduced to the stage by Leone Island’s long lost crooner Melody (by his collaboration with Chameleon), the brothers spent a night of fun and an unforgettable performance filled with memories of their musical friends and tributes to their fallen comrades.

My highlight of the show, was perhaps when Weasel tearfully said ‘it’s not a new year, without celebrating the memory of Mozy Radio (RIP).”

Chameleon, a Kampala Lord Mayoral aspirant also midway picked up a saxophone and blasted his musical colleague Bobi Wine’s “Kyarenga” really amazingly. I didn’t even know he played instruments like that.

He requested the organizers to find an episode that will reunite his brothers Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool in front of the fans.

All in all, however, my favorite performer of the three was Pallaso. It really was an unforgettable performance. Check through the pictures and enjoy;

Pulse Hustler: Kampala Mall Founder Mackline Asiimire Discusses Hardships in Startups and How to Overcome Them

Mackline Asiimire, is a youth politician and social entrepreneur. She is the newly elected Secretary for Sports and Culture at the National Youth Council (NYC), the founder of MK Afri Collections and a co-founder Kampala Mall.

MK Afri Collections’ core goal is to empower the young people with hands on skills like (making beads, craft shoes, bags etc) and to help them market their products. Ms Asiimire describes Kampala Mall as an online market focused on bringing quality products at affordable prices to clients’ door steps.

“In 2017 around September, after the release of 3rd year final results, I found that I had a retake. Having been a Vice Guild President at MUBS, I tried all means through different admins to get me on the final list till when one of the professors asked for sex and I decided to chill and retake my paper the following year.
I was so depressed and wanted something to keep me busy.” Asiimire traces the beginning of her hustle life.

“One night, I was on YouTube and found some creative guidelines like how to make tassel earrings. The following day I went to town, shopped all the materials which cost me around Shs 5,000 and started practicing from home and posting my products on my social media platforms till when I landed on a gig with World Vision to train a group of school drop outs in Kakumiro District.” She recalled.

Accordingly, Asiimire used the money she secured from the World Vision program to buy more materials and train more youth. In November 2019, she opened up a physical store at California Plaza, Luwum Street, Shop L35 where she is currently operating from.

She credits her hustle so far for helping her to grow her social capital and network.

“I learnt to be patient because business requires one to be patient. I have improved my financial discipline, been able to inspire and mentor my fellow young people and most importantly the freedom to run my other side hustles with ease.” She told MTN Pulse.

Her greatest challenge at the moment, she says, is limited market for the crafts. She says that most Ugandans haven’t embraced their own homemade crafts and prefer imported crafts from neighboring countries like Kenya and Rwanda yet they are of the same quality

She encourages the young people to start small and be patient with the journey. Never at one point to seek to hurry it.
Find Ms Asiimire’s businesses online @mkafricollections (Facebook and Instagram) and @kampalamall256

Pulse Social Media Queen: Sharon Nabiwemba Believes it’s Upon the Users to Make the Internet Space Safer

Sharon Miriam Nabiwemba Kiwanuka, is an ardent user of the internet and social media. One of those millennials that are willing to take every opportunity that crops up online as long as it helps them further their dreams and aspirations.

That aside, and like any other Ugandan (and millennial at that), she is online to connect with friends and have a good time. With hundreds of thousands of friends and followers across social media platforms, the graduate in waiting at Makerere University falls in our Kings and Queens section.

Ms Nabiwemba is completing her bachelors degree in Quantity Surveying at Makerere University. She believes the internet is not yet as safe as it should be and insists that the duty to make it safer shouldn’t just fall on the government as regulators but citizens too.

“I think what we need is a safe place to connect with friends, workmates and the world. We are not in the past anymore, we have developed our communication and should pride in that enough as humans to ensure that it is a safe means.” Nabiwemba told MTN Pulse.

An alumna of King’s College Budo, she says that she was proud when her fellow old girls felt that Twitter (a social media platform) was safe enough to narrate their school experiences that they rightly believed were not fair.

“Under normal circumstances, they’d hold placards and demonstrate at the school but they didn’t have to and still got their message heard. The implementation of their demands is another thing but that demonstrates what we see the internet as. Why do we not protect such a space with our lives?” She added.

Nabiwemba acknowledges that we are not where we should be as a people. She especially has constraints as regards the OTT tax which she says has limited so many people from using the internet and social media, the way they should.

“In my view, they shouldn’t tax us for social media. With this unemployment, social media is a big market for some of us that choose to do small businesses and other start ups. When you curtail our market, our sample space is lowered.” She said.

She applauded MTN for introducing platforms where young people can freely express themselves and “have their voices heard.” According to her, young people need more of such platforms because they have a lot to air out.

Connect with Ms Nabiwemba on Twitter and Instagram at @sharon_kiwanuka and @sharon_nabiwemba respectively. How? By loading Pulse Bundles from *157#.

Pulse Hustler: Darlington Nahumuza’s Start Up Story With Truth Inc, a Digital Marketing Agency

At MTN Pulse, we love and vibe with Pulsers that are out there going against all odds to leave a mark on their world, their lives and the community. It is the true mark of success and we like to celebrate it.

It is not easy growing a start up from scratch to the point you envision it to be. That’s why today, in Pulse Hustler, we shine a light on Darlington Nahumuza – the Founder at Truth Inc – a Digital Marketing Agency.

Mr. Nahumuza, a graduate of Makerere University, describes what they do as “simply helping individuals, businesses and brands to reach their potential clients and bigger markets using modern trends and tools like Digital Marketing, Creative Design, Web Development and Branding. They also have an Academy that teaches Digital Graphics and Photography.


“I started this business last year, much as I had the dream right from when I was at Campus. The desire to chase my own goals, together with the zeal to be self employed inspired me to start out.” Nahumuza explained to MTN Pulse.

He acknowledges their successes so far to include being able to increase their reach in terms of connections and networking – a very fundamental aspect of business.

“I now know a whole lot more people than before, which is a huge plus in business and in life. Secondly, I have managed to inspire some of my other colleagues to get started at whatever level they were at.” He noted.


Through their academy programme, Truth Inc have managed to equip youths with the digital skills to help them start out in life. These positives and more, are what Nahumuza believes are their biggest achievements thus far.

Like any other start up, Nahumuza’s Truth Inc has had challenges with finances and struggling to break even but they have persisted beyond all odds and that’s what defines a hustler. He also appealed to potential clients to grow a little more trust for start ups and open their minds to sprouting digital tools that could make a whole difference in their work.

“I advise young people to be fearless on the pursuit of their dreams. Be patient, resilient, hardworking, humble and God fearing.” Nahumuza concluded.

Connect with Truth Inc on social media: Truth Inc – Facebook | @truthinc – Instagram and @TruthIncEa – Twitter. MTN Pulse has amazing social media bundles that are accessible in a *157# dial away.