Pulse Plot! Ntare League Comes of Age, Season 11 Final Tomorrow at King’s Park Arena

Jumia Uganda sponsored Ntare Lions League will hold their Season 11 finale on Saturday 22nd February, 2020 at Bweyogerere based King’s Park Arena, the home of Black Pirates Rugby Club.

After seeing off the regular season with 17 exciting fixtures, the 40 points garnered by Abashweki (Class of 2013) are not enough to have them declared champions because league rules call for play offs. As such, they will battle second placed Ebicuncu (Class of 1993) who gathered 37 points to determine the actual champions.

Abashweki are two time champions having won the league in Season 6 and Season 9 whereas their opponents for tomorrow are eyeing their first league honors having lost the trophy last season to eventual Season 10 champions Nshera (Class of 2010) in penalties.

Ntare League, the pioneer old students’ league was started in 2014 and is organised based on years of study during their days at Mbarara based, Ntare School. Old boys organise themselves and form teams that they name according to whatever they deem appropriate for their year. Be it favorite slang or teachers’ nicknames.


They have 17 teams so far, all lying between 1993 and 2016. The youngest team, Jabulani left Ntare School in 2016. Last season, as a means of realizing their mission of inclusiveness and proper networking, they introduced a girls’ team consisting of old students of Bweranyangi Girls’ SS, a sister school in Bushenyi district.

Action begins as early as 10 am when the lower placement games will be played, with the final expected at 3pm later in the day. It is a mini family day out for old boys as the league has organised other activities besides football. According to League President Davis Arinaitwe Karashani, there will be a bouncing castle and face painting for the kids with more fun and entertainment expected at the after party that will be at Panamera Bar and Restaurant.

The League is sponsored by Jumia Uganda, Guinness, NXT Radio and Peakshots Photography.

Pulse Next Big Star: Youngster Oscar Kampala Discusses Fashion, Entrepreneurship

Oscar Nyesiga, a young fashion designer and go getter, hopes to inscribe a long lasting mark on the Ugandan fashion industry. A first year student studying Statistics at Makerere University, Nyesiga who is mostly known as Oscar Kampala has been in love with fashion for as long as he can remember.

He gets his name from his men’s fashion boutique that is located at Ham Shopping Grounds. Oscar Kampala Collections deals in bespoke suits that Mr Nyesiga says he develops mainly because of his love for suits and passion for art.


“Bespoke suits are tailor made. They are traditionally cut from a pattern drafted from scratch basing on the user’s desires and is therefore different from ready-to-wear suits.” Nyesiga explained.

With just almost two years in the fashion industry, his life rotates around his fashion business. He pays his own tuition and upkeep and has been able to sustain himself at campus thus far. He invested his time in S.6 vacation to make transforming entrepreneurial decisions of his life and he doesn’t regret an inch of the outcomes.


He attributes his successes so far to mentor-ship, inspiration from fashion bigwigs and his love for entrepreneurship.

“Probably with prayer, hard work, persistence and the right peers, I shall expand my business to represent Uganda on the international market with Bespoke Suits.” He concluded.

Kampala says he is going to right away enable his business on MTN MoMo Pay so that his clients can pay for his product and services without incurring any charges, by dialing *165#

Fashion is without doubt, one of the fastest growing industries in Uganda’s arts and entertainment. With the strides taken by Ugandan designers such as Sylvia Owori, Santa Anzo and especially Brian Ahumuza (Abryanz), the sector has become flourishing and only the sky will be the limit for Nyesiga.


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Pulse Plot: Big Acts In African Comedy, Artistes Jet In For Patrick Salvador’s Kololo Airstrip Show

It is Valentine’s today and Uganda’s very own, Patrick Idringi alias Salvador’s comedy show will be going down at Kololo Airstrip. The show that is dubbed #SalvadorAt10 falls on the comedy genius’ birthday, yes. Idringi is celebrating his 21st birthday and we cannot wait for what he has lined up.

The man from Ombokolo is going to be accompanied by several acts from within and across Africa. Eric Omondi of Kenya, Kenny Blaq of Nigeria, UK Based Zimbabwean comedian Alfred Kainga, Mpho Popps and Eddy Kadi.

Tanzanian hit maker, Harmonize is also already in the country for the show that organisers hope you’ll surprise your lover with tonight. In fact, most of these entertainers forewent celebrating Valentine’s at home and chose Uganda – with you.

The local acts include Emma Napoleone, Daniel Omara, Ronnie McVex, Okello Okello, Uncle Mark and Hillary Okello. All these lined up truly represent the show’s name, Africa Laughs.

Show tickets are at 50K Silver, 100K Gold and 300K Platinum. They can be purchased at all Shell Outlets in Kampala.Africa Laughs is sponsored by Singleton, Shell, Pepsi and RwandAir among others.

Pulse Next Big Star: Meet Jordan Tumwesigye, Transforming Debate Culture in Uganda

Debate as a concept is as old as humanity, modern debate however is said to have been at its peak in the late 18th century in what scholars termed as the age of enlightenment. In Uganda, each one of us can trace encounters of debate from our lower education levels all through the education system to university.

One Pulser that will perhaps cherish debate forever is Jordan Tumwesigye, a young lawyer in Kampala. Having been a passionate debater all through his childhood, Tumwesigye was to finally see his eloquence and passion pay off in 2010 when he was announced as the Best Speaker in the 2010 National School’s Debate championship.

Then a younger chap in S.3 from Mbarara High School, Tumwesigye rather unsuccessfully (for his team) argued that Parliament needed more youth representatives because the special interest group constituted over 60% of the population. The show off was at the National Debate Championship final where his school was facing King’s College Budo for the national crown under the motion, “Is there need for more Youth MPs?”

Like I love to say, Tumwesigye lost the battle but won the war. And from then he has never looked back. He was to later join Makerere University for a Bachelor of Law degree and later complete his bar course at the Law Development Centre (LDC).

Almost an accomplished Advocate now, his love for debate has never withered. It is in fact what prompted him and colleagues to form Debate Society Uganda (DSU) which is majorly a youth based organisation committed to improving Debate culture in Uganda.

“Our journey to form Debate Society Uganda started with informal meetings we held with a group of people we called debate alumni. These were people who had debated while in secondary school and had now crossed over to the university.” Tumwesigye told MTN Pulse in an interview.

According to him, the group wanted to contribute more to debate by veering away from insistence on technical details to instead build critical thinking and focus mainly on a values based system where thorough argumentation would be the core focus.

Tumwesigye (ninth from left) and colleagues of DSU.

“All of us wanted to contribute to a better debate culture. We felt that debate had to go beyond handing accolades to the winning schools and students, it had to be an experience. Most of us remembered how the debate experiences we had in secondary school shaped the people we were becoming.” He added.

Barely two years old, the group has partly actualized their dream. They secured a number of partners who share in their vision and last year, they organised their first ever Uganda Schools Debate Championship (USDC) after the regional championships all across the country.

Tumwesigye acknowledges that they face hindrances but the biggest challenge is the mentality among sections of the public that they seek to compete with already established debate entities and organizations which according to him is very far away from the truth. He says it is because of that thinking that many people have misunderstood what they want to do with debate.

“We have made it very clear that Uganda is already too big for the few organisations and yet the work to be done is huge. Our future plans are hinged around improving the debate culture in the country and with our team of dedicated volunteers, we hope to establish a debate centres of excellence across the country. We also hope that we can be able to develop feasible strategies to enhance debate through bench marking from our global debate partners.” Tumwesigye concluded.

Social Media Queens: Sarah Solomon, On Twitter and Life Changing Aspirations

First name Sarah, second name Solomon and she’s done. Joined Twitter in 2018 and according to her it’s been a very interesting roller coaster. But why not? Some of us joined years earlier but she seems to be having a blast!

Her reasons for joining Twitter are the exact reasons Jack Dorsey and colleagues made the app for in the first place – to stay informed on all topics political, economic, social et all. Ms Solomon says the other reason was because she realized companies respond more conveniently to users on Twitter than anywhere else.

“I am really not disappointed, I get responses as a consumer very quickly on the application and it is interesting because all serious organizations are on Twitter. Companies like MTN and Umeme respond to everything you post about them whether positive or negative and I don’t have to walk to their offices for services.” She told MTN Pulse.

She seems innocent of aspirations when you first encounter her but deep in conversation, she has got very big dreams that she hopes to accomplish in less than 10 years. Among them is starting up her own Digital Marketing company to elevate what she called “social media influencing from where it is now to the A-Game.”

The other aspiration is to have her own talk show that she can use to shine a light on the underprivileged in society and get them to have their lives turned around for the better. She says her belief in humanity is what is making her hold on that dream because she is sure that as soon as she starts, very many kind hearted people will support her on her journey.

“I grew up watching Oprah Winfrey and she is my inspiration. In future, I hope to have my own show similar to hers that I can use to give a platform to so many people mostly the not so blessed in life to live good and enjoy their time on earth too.” She added.

Jokingly also, she said in 5 years, she will be married to someone’s son and having twins to raise.