Pulse Rewind! Billie Eilish, 18 years, Wins 5 Grammy Awards Out of 6 Nominations

American teenage sensation, Billie Eilish, who sang “Bad Guy” has made history in the music industry after making impressive wins at the biggest stage of music awards and appreciation in the whole world, The Grammy Awards of 2020.

At the show that was hosted by Alicia Keys, Billie Eilish won best vocal pop album, album of the year and record of the year (When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?), song of the year (“Bad Guy”) and best new artist.

As if winning big wasn’t enough, she became the youngest person to be nominated for, and to win, awards in all four general-field categories (album of the year, record of the year, song of the year and best new artist) in a single outing.

“I never thought this would happen in my whole life. I feel like I jump around at these things and I never take anything seriously, but I genuinely want to say that I’m so grateful and I’m honored to be here.” The 18 year old said in her acceptance speech for song of the year.

Ella Mai at the Grammys

The awards ceremony paid tribute to fallen basketball star Kobe Bryant when in her opening monologue, Alicia Keys was joined by Boys II Men to sing a moving tribute for the former LA Lakers shooting guard. Kobe died in a helicopter crash along with his daughter GiGi Bryant.

“We’re literally standing here heartbroken in the house that Kobe Bryant built.” Alicia Keys said at the Staples Center, this year’s venue for the Grammy Awards.

Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande at the ceremony

You can view the full list of winners here: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/01/26/entertainment/grammy-winners-list-by-category/index.html

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How to Get Your “Mojo” at Work After a Long Holiday

The festivities are as good as done. By Monday next week, we will be all required to be fully involved in activities at our work stations and life has to go on.

It may be hard to get back your magic at work after a period of relaxation and we are here to take you through possible ways you can reclaim your magical touch after the holidays.


Return to Work Early

The goal here is to blend in earlier and not be disorganised as works pile. When you return to work earlier, you get to organise yourself prior and by the time you start work you’re always good to go. I’d recommend leaving the comfort of your upcountry homes latest a day earlier.


Take Your Time, Have a Schedule (Don’t Try to Do All Your Work at Once)

By the essence of the festive holidays, and the excitement that comes with them, it is common to find a huge pile-up of work from either before or ahead.
Unless you have deadlines to meet, don’t try to finish all your assignments from before and after the holidays at once. Get a schedule and time table yourself. In the middle of that timing, you’ll pick up your mojo.


Resume Your Routine

Holidays are special. Instead of the usual 5am that we wake up at, we tend to sleep through our days and get maximum and sometimes abnormal rest. Before you resume work, try to get used to your earlier schedule.
If you’ve been jogging every morning before work, initiate it again like two days before you start work officially.
It helps to get your body and mind used to your usual routine and easily gets you back on track.


Carry a Remembrance from the Festivities

This is not based on any professional guidance. It’s just my own advice.
I will assume the festive season was good for you and you had fun with family and friends. Memories of those good times, I believe, can help you regain your work magic. Carry to work, a picture or anything that will bring you memories from the festive season. Let it motivate you to be better at what you do. Your family and friends should be your motivation.

There is really so much you can do to get your mojo for work and this is just a tip of the iceberg. If you do just some of it, I guarantee you, within the first week of January you’ll be back on track.


Pulse Achiever: Biddemu Bazil Mwotta’s AgroDuuka Innovation Helps Farmers Avoid Exploitation

Biddemu Bazil Mwotta, a graduate teacher from Makerere University and currently at the same university pursuing a second degree in Law, is many things like his education background has shown you.

Inspired by the society around him, coupled with a constant urge to leave a mark on the world and make it better, Mwotta birthed AgroDuuka Limited – a youth-led agro-based social enterprise to aid farmers in the pursuit of income and profit for their labour on the farm.

“My mother is a farmer, I grew up helping her on the farm. It is here that I realised that farmers as well as herself were being exploited by middle men who bought from her farm produce at a cheap price and sold to towns at very exorbitant prices.” Mwotta recalls with a very calm voice.

His innovation, Mwotta says, was therefore hinged on the goal of helping¬†farmers find credible market for their farm produce. Credible in the sense that they’d get value for their produce and availability in subsequent seasons.

“A farmer only needs to send us a message expressing intention to sell her farm produce, we then connect them to a credible buyer.” He added.

Mwotta set up a place in Mpigi District to act as the premises of his start-up and since December 12th 2017, he has watched membership to his group grow to a current 1,300 farmers. He says fairer agricultural transactions between the sellers and buyers with a promise of consequent market reliability are the goals that have driven him and his colleagues to work for their society.

Because of that, AgroDuuka Ltd has not only helped farmers get market for their produce but equipped them with necessary knowledge and skills to suit the produce needed on the market and ensure the latter’s (market) availability to increase profits for the farmers.

AgroDuuka has been in the farmers’ eyes so much that at the moment there are teams, attached to it in villages where it has been able to reach, constantly engaging farmers in aspects of increased profitability and how they can practice better methods of agriculture to attract market for their produce.

Between 2nd and 30th April this year, AgroDuuka organised an agricultural campaign in Mawokota (Mpigi) where they equipped over 1500 farmers in the region with knowledge and skills for modern farming as well as inculcating technology with a mission to increase farm yields.

His innovation, for caring to help predominantly illiterate farmers that would otherwise have been exploited by middlemen, has attracted heaps of praise from corridors of power across the world.

Most notably, Mwotta was awarded the Queen of England’s Young Leaders’ Award in 2018 for helping to ensure fairer transactions between farmers and sellers. He received his award from the Buckingham Palace.

Mwotta’s goal is to ensure profitability in Agriculture as a way of attracting youths, majority of whom are unemployed, to engage in the activity. At the moment, he says most youths consider agriculture as the last resort after all shots at white collar jobs have failed.


“Going back to the village is associated with failure. Most youths say they’re going back to the village to practice farming after failing to find jobs in Kampala and other urban centres. I want that to change.” Mwotta says.

Before his work is even considered halved, Mwotta says that he wants a society that respects farmers and where the practice of farming is appreciated for being one of the top earning job titles.

We wish him the best in his work and appreciate his effort to transform society.

Pulse Plot: A Ka Dope Night, George the Poet is Headlining

Today, Friday 20th December, 2019 at the Design Hub, A Ka Dope will return with one last December show to close the new year.

All early bird tickets have been finished according to communication from the organisers and the only tickets left shall be at the gate for just 25K.

George the Poet will perform alongside Tonya, Julius Sese, Play 01 and the A Ka Dope Band. The event starts at 7pm.

A Ka Dope is a monthly event that takes place in Uganda. It is an initiative by Kemiyondo Coutinho intended to provide a platform for undiscovered local artists and feature soul music from talented acts, dance, poetry performances, art exhibition, food etc to showcase their talent and garner support from the general public.

Health and Diet Watch! Here’s How to Remain Healthy in The Festive Season

Christmas is around the corner. The most memorable part of that day, well besides the memory of the birth of Jesus Christ, is the lunch. Preparations for this particular lunch begin like two days before.

But because Christmas is not just a day (it is a festive season), the eating and merry making continues till later. It is in fact joined by the new year’s and the celebrations and joy overlap.

There are healthy tips however, that you should consider in this festive season to be able to come out intact. Today, we bring you some of them.


Tread Carefully With the Alcohol

Christmas is the grand day of enjoyments. It has been and will always be. One of the constants on the menu is booze and we tend to take it in excess, more than the usual.

We are not saying don’t drink, just don’t drink more than the usual because it is Christmas. It would be a shame to get any complication whatsoever on Christmas, because of something you have been taking all year long.

Sitting Down All Day

For the greater majority of us, Christmas comes with rest. From work, books and anything that has been occupying you throughout the year.

It is important to rest, but don’t over do it either. Consider walking around your home, catching up with friends over a physical sport to help ease your digestion.

When you couple that heavy Christmas meal with a chair all day, the results may not be pleasant to the body and mind.

Go Easy on Your Stomach 

Don’t let the body pay for your bad decisions this festive season. Christmas food is always plenty, but you don’t have to pile it all in your stomach.

Instead of a severe and rapid one off, you can have more isolated meals. Instead of one big pile of food over lunch, you can take calculated amounts for breakfast, between breakfast and lunch, lunch, between lunch and supper, and supper.

That way, you’ll have achieved what you wanted to achieve but with less complications and exhaustion.

Eat Plenty of Fruit

Fruits are some of the healthiest foodstuffs on Earth. That is why, fruit dessert is considered a very important part of dieting.

If you go upcountry for Christmas, your exposure to fruits (very organic at that) will be increased. Take advantage of it. Eat as much fruit as you can and the Vitamin will be essential to your body even long after you have left. Don’t forego the chance.

Exercise a bit

While you pack your clothes to go upcountry for Christmas, make sure to find space for some running shoes. If you’re staying wherever you’re to, this message is for you.

Routine exercise is an important part of dieting and healthy living. Exercises help a lot with digestion, and very much so – running/jogging.

If you took part in the MTN Marathon, your running kit will come in handy. Find sometime to work out and burn some calories. Don’t let Christmas take you off your regular exercise routine.

There are so many other things you can do to maintain your health and go through the festive season intact. We can always have that discussion but today, that should be enough.

Merry Christmas from MTN Pulse.