Pulse Finance Tips: ‘Centsible’ Hacks For A Broke Free 2020

By Guest Writer: Mugabi Patsy

The reality is that not so many people are willing to talk about their broke days because it is a rather intimidating conversation. The good news is that something can be done to turn the ever-avoided conversation into one on financial freedom. Here are 5 centsible hacks for a broke free 2020.

Establish an emergency fund today

Life is  full of unexpected surprises and having an emergency fund makes a big difference. Saving money for a rainy day is a gradual process but action must be taken today. The easiest way to do this is to open a savings account with your bank. Another way is to intentionally dedicate your time and effort to  the 52-savings week challenge.

Establish a stream(s) of passive income

Passive income is the  money you do not have to work actively for or maintain. This means you can make money even while you sleep. Passive income gives you the greatest financial freedom because it as simple as investing in stocks or renting out your empty apartment as an Airbnb.

Eating right and regularly exercising.

Medical bills are quite costly and may stifle your financial  freedom in terms of treatments and other health checks. However, exercising regularly and eating right not only helps your health flourish but also personal finances.

Pay your debts first

When the  money you owe to someone accumulates over time it strains you financially because of the interest accrued. Sometimes it gets extremely bad, and it worsens when there is hardly any chance to escape. Making periodic payments to clear your debt opens up the door to your financial freedom.

Establish the 30-day rule

When it comes to large purchases or an impulsive buy for expensive product, I have grown accustomed  to writing it down in my journal first. I wait it out  30 days after. When this tenure collapse and I still need it, I make the purchase right away. However, if by the time the 30 days pass and I have forgotten about it , then I have saved money by not purchasing something I do not need.

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Pulse Fashion Tip: Is It A Must To Wear A Suit At Your Graduation?

Certainly not, especially for the guys. I understand that looking dapper is the goal for this day but that look can be pulled off in other ways. The western culture has offered us so many fashion trends but it has also eroded us of some, that could still keep the drip coming through. Here are some of the options of what you can wear for your big day;

Embrace your African roots. I’m not sure what the original name for this ensemble is but let’s go with “Ki Nigeria”. This is one of the sleekest, cleanest looks that Jidenna has effortlessly served goals with. I chose Jidenna because; touché! he is the perfect example of embracing roots. Looks aside, this attire never has so much going on and with changing weather it is perfect to camouflage with it. Accessorizing it is a whole other easy-pick. Dear pulsers let us remember that less is always more.

Ok, if a suit-look is what you aim at achieving, give it a pimp for the culture. Neat Chino pants instead of the gentle trousers would do you no harm. Come on, we have seen grooms in Chino pants that have been paraded in style magazines. You can still pull it off.


Collarless shirts is another option if you don’t want to derail so much from the suit ensemble. Is it just me or does anyone else like how simple yet dapper they look? Imagine your sharp edges well trimmed sitting above a collarless shirt. Priceless! Accessory is key, accessory is key, accessory is key. These shirts are extremely easy to accessorize.

Kitenge print. Let’s keep within our heritage ba guy! If we were being honest, suits don’t differ much in colour and neither in style. How about you made it different with a touch of an African print. You could decide what you want “Africanized”. We need this heritage maintained.

Alright, for the change, how about we have more ladies dressed in suits? This is not a culture that has previously been common but it is getting acceptance recently. Let us do it girls. Rock the suits! Let’s not forget, get a properly fitting attire. It matters most.

We congratulate all the pulsers that are graduating this week. May your hard work pay off even further.


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Pulse Financial Tips: How To Survive The Janu-Worry Fever

By Guest Writer: Mugabi Patsy

Could you possibly imagine that a January without financial worry or stress could exist? One where you kick start your journey of financial independence and actually secure the bag? especially after what 2019 Detty December had to offer us. From the festivities to parte after parte memories and making merry. The aftermath of the long holiday enjoyments has slowly kicked in and it really shows with and in our wallets! But not to worry, this article has 5 great tips to help you ball on a budget or rather survive January.

Kiss Your 2019 Debt goodbye

If you are in the habit of taking credit in form of loans or credit cards, you need to plan to tackle the debt early lest history repeats itself in 2020.You should consider clearing all pending debts before taking on more debt to have a solid foundation in your financial independence journey.

Pay Yourself First

For any income that comes to you, even from your side hustle, you need to start paying yourself first before spending it on enjoyment ku enjoyment. It is a motivating factor to survive financial stress and kick out all this Janu-worry.

Have Savings Goals

If you have not already jumped onto the 52-week-savings challenge wagon, there’s no better time to do this than now. There are several resources that empower you to be financially independent January to January. Try out the 52-week savings challenge and vet if you won’t be able to achieve your goals. But, these goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.

Create a SMART Budget

A budget isn’t a constraint to your fun, it is an enabler. This means all the fun you indulge in shouldn’t hold you back from the unending enjoyment plans. If anything , budgets give you  a clearer perspective on tracking your expenses and cutting back on all the unnecessary stuff.

Get a financial accountability partner

Having like minded people who share the vision of financial independence are detrimental to achieving a balance between living in the moment and saving for the future.

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Pulse MCM: Meet CEO of Akamere256, Phillip Mukasa Making a Fortune From Food

Some families till date alienate boys from certain house chores, especially cooking but after seeing the amazing art Mukasa puts into preparing food, I guess this is something that has taken a turn over the years.

You have probably seen ‘Akamere256’, a venture that started in July 2019; after he finished school, pop up on any of your socials or being mentioned by someone you know, Well, it is owned by Phil as known by most people. He picked his inspiration to start from his friends. “The comments from my friends after eating my food whenever they came over to chill and catch up at my place made me think deeply about it.” He said.

Starting a venture might be easy but keeping it going is what’s challenging. Phil picks his daily inspiration from the love and interest he has in cooking for others. He also loves the idea of being gainfully employed by himself. His biggest push is his dream to be the leading provider of quality food services in Uganda.

Just like any business, he has had a few challenges but the most pressing being that he is the only staff. Imagine being CEO, the chef, accountant, receptionist, working long hours etc and still provide mouth-watering food to your clients. Impressive, right? He hopes to employ fellow young people starting this year.

“My advice to pulsers would be that if you are trying to venture into something, make that step in life despite the negativity from others and your financial status. Start small and move at your pace but always make sure you give the best results cause they count.” He said.

Is there a better way to begin the decade than on an inspirational level? This should be a year to break limits and stereotypes. Pick a leaf from Phil. Dial *157*20# to Load pulse data bundles and follow him on twitter @Akamere256. He might be the guy serving you food at any of the social events you might attend.

Pulse Fashion Tips: What to Rock In The New Year

As you make resolutions for the New Year, being a little bit more fashionable should be one of them. There is a lot that the fashion world has to offer to all pulsers, all you need is a keen eye because fashion is for the bold. Here is what you should rock in 2020;

Sneaker drip on everything. This is a trend that has been mostly appreciated in 2019 as we saw brides wearing sneakers on their gowns, graduands wearing sneakers on their little black dresses, basically it’s been sneakers on everything and this trend should carry on into 2020.

Vintage watches.

For a lover of accessories, you would have noticed by now that vintage Seiko and Casio watches are sort of the in thing now. Some people haven’t yet embraced this fully but any fashionable pulser should because it’s slowly becoming the new trend.


Fanny packs.

If 2019 went by you without owning a fanny pack, let that be on your fashion goal in 2020. There are different types, sizes and colors to match your different outfits. Everyone needs the comfort of this bag in 2020.



Ranging from jackets to shirts to dresses and shoes, there’s a variety denim has offered. This should be one of the things you rock in 2020 because it’s hard to go wrong with anything denim. Make it a point to own something in this fabric.


Mismatched prints.

Subconsciously, many people have been doing this matching of different print patterns but it’s time to make it intentional. Leopard prints on denim trousers? I will let your imagination take you there.

2020 is for looking fashionable and good thing is Twambale Apparel has got you with all you will need