How To Shop Online With Your MTN MoMocard

The world is going digital and we can now shop online, pay for streaming and many amenities without ever visiting a shop physically. Previously, one had to go to the bank, fill in long forms, attach national IDs and LC letters and then wait for either 2 hours or 7 days for a physical Visa card from the bank.

Well, that wait is no more. All you need to do is get an MTN MoMocard.  By dialing *165*70# and you can have your virtual card – MTN MoMocard in a few seconds.

You select option 1 to create a MoMocard and then enter your pin. You will be charged 1000/- to create a MoMocard that lasts up to 30 days.

To access you MoMocard details, dial *165*70# then select option 2. This will show you your card number, CVV and the expiry date of the MoMocard.

So when you visit a website that accepts debit card / Mastercard payments, search for items you would like to purchase, add them to the cart, and when asked to enter the debit card details here is what you type;

Card Name: Here enter the names in which your mobile money is registered.

Card Number: Enter the long (16 digits) number that begins with 53…..,

CVV: Enter the 3 digit number after the comma

Expiry Date: Enter the month and year of the expiry date usually in this format (mm/yy) eg. (02/20) or select from the drop-down menu.

Click complete payment then when the website finishes you will receive an SMS from MTNMobMoney showing how much has been deducted.


The beauty of the MTN MoMocard is the ability to cancel it anytime after making a payment, and also the expiry after 30 days means that you won’t forget and get abruptly billed for another renewal.


Shopping with this card also saves you time and cost to an actual bank.

Simply dial *165*70# and select option 1 (Create MTN MoMocard) then you can easily shop and pay anything online.

Full List of Winners of the Buzz Teeniez Awards ‘19

The famous Buzz Teeniez Awards, one of the most youthful events in the country, went down on Saturday 7th December at the MTN Warehouse amidst cheers, dance, performances and lots of fun.

Below is a list of lucky winners who took home the prestigious BTA ‘19 accolades.



1. Male Sports Team

St Marys Kitende Football Team

2. Female Sports Team

St. Noah Girls School Basketball Team

3. Male Sports Personality

Allan Okello Kibuli SS

4. Female Sports Personality

Possible Naluyima St Noa



1. Teeniez Artist of the Year (New)

John Blaq

2. Teeniez Male Artist

John Blaq

3. Teeniez Female Artist


4. Teeniez Song Writer

Daddy Andre

5. Teeniez Top Hood Rapper

Feffe Bussi

6. Teeniez Breakthrough Artist

John Blaq

7. Teeniez Dancehall Artist/group

Beenie Gunter

8. Teeniez Hottest Song of the Year

Parte After Party Big Tril

9. Teeniez Hottest Video

Wire Bebe Cool

10. Teeniez Hottest Collabo
 Gutujja B2C & Rema
11. Teeniez Hip Hop Song

Parte After Parte Big Trill

12. Teeniez Dancehall Song

Sikikikweeka Daddy Andre

13. Teeniez Gospel Song

Chikibombe Levixone


14. Teeniez Hottest Radio Station

Galaxy FM

15. Teeniez Hottest Radio Program

Evening Rush Galaxy FM

16. Teeniez TV Station

Magic 1 HD

17. Teeniez Hottest TV Personality

Douglas Lwanga

8. Teeniez TV Show

NBS After 5

19. Teeniez Celebrity Stylist


20. Teeniez Hottest DJ

Dj Roja & DJ Slick Stuart

21. Teeniez Beat Maker

Daddy Andre

22. Teeniez Social Media Personality


23. Teeniez Funniest Comedian

Mc Mariachi



Video: MTN Pulse Rap Battles Launch at The Square

MTN Uganda has launched the Pulse MTN Rap Battle (MPRB), a three months rap competition as a build up to the MTN Hip Hop awards.

The telecom giant has sponsored the MTN Hip Hop Awards for the last 3 years. However the Awards event has been an evening only engagement void of longevity and sustained engagement.

However, starting this year, The MTN Pulse Rap battles will provide a minimum of 6months engagement inclusive of production and airing of the competition that will culminate into the crowning of the overall MPRB champion and finalists.

With sponsorship rights of up to 100 million shillings,  the 12 episode televised show will be set in a battle format in various settings such as cages, streets, etc in the presence of 3 renown Hip Hop judges and super hyped host with a Hip Hop flavor with the participation of the general public especially through digital.

Commenting about the project, Hellen Kirungi, the MTN Uganda Youth segment manager said that;

“Pulse has been mainly positioned as a lifestyle proposition. Therefore, the MTN Pulse Rap Battles will further seek to inspire youth to develop their music talents as a future source of livelihood.”

Worth noting is that Uganda’s Hip Hop has grown from being only popular in High School, Karaoke and wanna-be cliques in school, to become the most loved music genre today led by the advent of Lugaflow, a type of music that accounts for almost 90% of urban music played today.

The epic rap competition will see contestants face off in the following competition categories:

Pass on the Mic: A beat is dropped in a cypher set up and each rapper is supposed to freestyle without losing the beat and passes on the mic after the given time period

Can U Handle the heat: Contestants are subjected to physical activity while rapping out

Speed TEST: Contestants are rewarded for speed and articulation

Spoke word: Contestants are challenged to write and perform spoken word

Street Concert: Challenge is set on a busy street with the objective of attracting the biggest crowds through rap

#NOFEAR challenge: Contestants are expected to rap despite physical artefacts meant to instill fear and disrupt their lyrical flow.

The MTN Hip Hop awards nite will see 16 of the competitors walk away with various prizes. The grand prize for the overall winner will be a mentorship and recording deal in addition to cash, MTN Data and talk time.

Above and beyond, the winner will be an MTN Pulse ambassador for a year and his/her music will be uploaded on to Tidal, a top music streaming app that is available to MTN customers and is owned by renowned American rapper, Jay-Z.

Aspiring rappers can take part in the competition by uploading a I minutevideo of them rapping on:

Hot In Tech: FaceApp’s Ability to Transform Photos to Old or Young Age Goes Viral

Every day, technology evolves. People invent and innovate new apps, gadgets, and software that either fascinates us or send us laughing out of the room. Well, this week we focus on FaceApp, a mobile app that has been viral on social media.

You have probably seen many photos imitating young people looking older and quite a few photos of old people looking younger. FaceApp is the app behind the viral photos that showcase photos of users at an older age. The two-year-old Artificial Intelligence-driven photo editor from Russian company Wireless Lab, allows you to edit a person’s face to make them appear older or younger.

The app has become so viral that it has got a challenge of its own on social media. You will find photos of your friends, celebrities, politicians whose current photos have been altered to show when they are either younger or older.

FaceApp also comes with other features such as adding beards, bands, makeup and more. Some of these features are premium but transforming your face by age is free.

We couldn’t miss out on the fun and tried the challenge on one our Pulse ambassodors and boy are we having fun.

Don’t miss out on the fun with MTN Pulse Data Bundles such as the MTN Pulse Daily bundle with 50mb + 200mb Swift, which you activate by dailing *157*20#, you can download FaceApp on Android and iOS.


Courtesy photos

How A Dedicated Internet Connection Can Change Your Life

We used to see home WiFi only in the movies, but with technology improving and data getting cheaper in Uganda it’s now possible to afford a connection at your home, hostel or office.

Today, internet costs are now affordable. Having WiFi at home is no longer a luxury. It’s common for people to stream movies, music and TV shows over the internet at home.

Just in case you were wondering, why you ought to have a dedicated connection at your residence, here are some important reasons.

For starters, a constant connection is something every young person wants. You want to be online, never miss a message, a video call, an email or a news alert.
With a dedicated connection, you never have to worry about being cut off or being offline before your duration expires.

You need home WiFi when traditional TV broadcasting is boring. Since we can’t grow younger, we have to watch what’s fun and interesting in our youth. With home WiFi, we can stream those TV shows on Netflix, Kwese iFlix, shows on YouTube and more as we wait for that TV station to stop airing that boring conference. This type of service is called Video on Demand and you get to enjoy it over the internet.

Smart TVs are getting cheaper and there are many streaming devices you can add to old TVs to make them smart such as android TV boxes, chromecasts and Rokus which you all can shop on Jumia.

As a pulser, life isn’t all fun and games. It’s always important to grow your career, education and make money. With a dedicated internet connection, one can study online, learn a new language and even work.

You never have to worry about not being able to respond to that email in time or tweet away that gig at the right time. For one who is not a workaholic, home internet increased my out of workplace productivity by 80% and this is quite reasonable for my career.

Dedicated WiFi is good for those with multiple devices since you only pay Over The Top tax for one main internet connection (sometimes included in the package) and a mobile phone and the rest connect without interruption. No more VPN worries.

WiFi doesn’t come without flaws, there are some challenges like addiction in the first three days. You will be quite excited the first days, spend a sleepless night or two but then it becomes a way of life and you get used to it.

You can even find better ways to enjoy it such as group quiz nights, work from home theme days with friends and more.

You are probably thinking, how do I get a connection at home? Just give the chaps at MTN Business a call and they can hook you up with a properly priced and suitable package for your home needs.

Visit the MTN Business website or contact them to get a dedicated home connection.