Pulse Rewind: Rudeboy Delivers Energetic Performance At The Comedy Store Show on Valentine’s Day

This year’s Valentine’s day came with very many programs for people to take their loved ones to and also for the single people to enjoy themselves. One of them was the Comedy store featuring former P Square artist- Paul Okoye aka Rude boy.

Rude boy performed along side some of Kampala’s biggest acts like Eddy Kenzo, Sheebah, Bebe Cool, Chameleon, Cindy, Winnie Nwagi among many others. Comedy store which is known to couple music and comedy was able to gather hundreds of people at the Lugogo cricket oval.

Among many other things, one of the biggest highlights was Rudeboy performing Radio and Weasel’s Nakudatta. The crowd was amazed at how Rude boy was able to learn the Luganda verses of the song to pay tribute to the late Mowzey Radio. It was quire emotional.

Kudos to the team at Comedy Store for starting 2020 on a high note!

Pulse Social Media Queen: Meet Angella Atukwase, Young Fashionista Passionate About Trends

Angella Atukwase aka Tush is a 23 year old pulser who has decided to do fashion because it’s been a dream of hers since childhood. Growing up, girls usually mentioned that they wanted to become fashion designers but that dream was washed away by the so many things we wish to become at every new step of our lives.

Unlike many other girls, Tush is living her dream as a fashion designer; right from the way she dresses, to her lifestyle. It is not shocking that the young fashionista is working to become the next Slyvia Owori in Uganda.

Tush is one of the proprietors of G & A Wear, a fashion brand that she started in her 2nd year of campus with a friend. The business started off as an online business for African print off shoulder tops and dresses however, it has now grown to having a physical location at Mukisa Arcade. Because of her love for fashion, Tush studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial and fine art at Makerere University.

Aside from fashion, she is a humanitarian working with a number of charitable organisations to give back to disadvantaged families. She is currently working with a non-profitable organisation called iExperience that reaches out to children and mothers offering them help and mentorship in different areas to enable them have a fairly sustainable standard of living.

Tush is a beautiful, brilliant and ambitious lady. It comes as no shock that she has a following of 14.3k followers on Instagram. People clearly love the content that she posts which includes some of the designs from her fashion brand. In the next couple of years, we hope to see G&A Wear become a household brand making more customized outfits for more Ugandans. Get yourself a pulse data bundle by dialing *157# and follow @ga_wear on Instagram or her personal page @thee_stunner_angellah

Why Red And Black Are The colors for Valentine’s Day

For those in relationships, this week has started with anxiety of what Friday will hold. You don’t know whether you get your partner an extravagant gift or something simple because you also don’t know what you will receive. However, aside from the anxiety, at MTN pulse we thought it wise to educate you on some of the things that make the day like the colors.

Red is the color of love- even the red heart on whatsapp explodes when you send it because red is not like any other color. It is the symbol of romance and also shows that someone is in love. When someone wears red on Valentines day, it is to say that they’re taken and in love.

Black in general is associated with bad news or grief. On Valentine’s Day, black goes to show that you’re alone, rejected or open to proposals from other people. Because the day is all about love, the color black is worn for those who are single to also get a chance at love.

These 2 colors are however worn together because they blend well with each other. Since they’ve traditionally been known as the colors for Valentine’s day, fashion has evolved to mix them together to keep them as the color themes for the day. You can buy yourself some black and red themed gifts on the Jumia app and enjoy a discount if you are on the pulse by dialing *157#.

Pulse MCM: Meet Lagum The Rapper, His Passion Pays His Bills

To be young and successful in Uganda’s music industry, you’ve got to have a skill and an art that makes you marketable and also makes you stand out. Lagum Owor aka Lagum the Rapper is a young pulser who has given his love and passion to music and this is probably why he is steadily growing as a Hip-hop artist.

Lagum started doing music in 2007 with a friend using Garage band on his aunt’s Mac Book. Little did he know that, that was just the beginning of an interesting roller coaster in the music industry.

In 2009 he gave rap a shot with his friends and together they formed a group called Elevate your music. However that didn’t last for long as his friends all took different career paths but he still stuck to his music. He started doing music as a solo artist in 2014 and released his first project ‘Gold and Socialize’ in the following year. Since then, he has grown and released a lot of music and he has also performed at events like Blankets and Wine, Lockdown, Shorts Na Lesu, Wizkid in Kampala and so many others.

What keeps Lagum going is his love and passion for what he does. He is currently pursuing a Degree in Sound Engineering at SAE institute in Dubai so that he can better his knowledge about his passion.
This year he plans on releasing 3EPs, a mixtape and an album. All these will be available on MTN Tidal so dial * 165 * 4 * 7 #, select Tidal music and pay for your subscription and search for Lagum and enjoy all the works of this pulser.

What To Consider When Picking The Awesome Location For Your Graduation Party

Last week Makerere University held its 70th graduation and had about 13,000 graduates leaving university to join the world of employment. Aside from the fear of not finding employment, being able to graduate is no small task so it calls for celebration. Although it is a week later, some people are still celebrating and here are tips to help you with venue selection;

The number of people

This automatically determines whether you need a small room or if you can hold your party even in your compound at home. The smaller the number of people, the less the space you need for your graduation party.

The ambience you want

The ambience is basically determined by whether you want an outdoor or indoor kind of event. With indoor you are rest assured that no weather can interrupt your event. However being the fact that it is January, even the outdoor is perfect for your event because you get to enjoy fresh and cool air.

Your budget

This is the biggest determinant of the kind of location you pick for your party. While some people will have their parties at Kampala Serena Hotel, some will have it at their homes. It is important that you acknowledge that there is life after the party ends so you need to ensure that you don’t go over board trying to impress your guests with your choice of location.


A graduation is not like a wedding so you probably don’t have an organising committee to take care of things like directions to the venue. So it is key that your location is easy to be found so that your phone is not buzzed with questions of how people can get there.

While doing your shopping for your graduation party ensure to pay for your things using MTN Momo pay and you could stand a chance to win a shopping spree worth Ugx 1,000,000- that would be a double win for you