Pulse WCW: Meet Leticia Mugisha, Lawyer And Beauty Queen Thriving in Farming And Entrepreneurship

Gone are the days when some traits and trades were mutually exclusive; especially to the fairer sex. In the life of Leticia Mugisha, a beauty queen who reached the finals of Miss Uganda 2015, breaking societal impediments is a daily task. With a blossoming decor business to her name, the budding farmer who just graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Laws from Makerere University is an inspiration to many girls.

“Some days are brighter than others.” Acknowledges the CEO of Empressive Decor, and there’s no doubt that it is her goodness with people that keeps her afloat in her multiple trades.

She understands the value of taking a break from work, so when she is not adorning clients’ events and spewing some legal jargon in chambers, Miss Mugisha is minding her farming business; and also traveling to explore the beauty the universe owns.

The hardest part about all this, is to be able to strike a balance, and Leticia has a tip on how to achieve that,
“It’s never too late to love yourself.” She says.

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Pulse Rewind: Good Music And Exciting Fashion At Rema’s Valentine’s Day Show

Rema Namakula mastered the art of linking uptown and downtown audiences with her music, and she also appeals to all genders and age groups. Her show at Hotel Africana on Valentine’s Day was yet another statement that she is here to stay.

Impressive was her choice not to have a long lineup of curtain raisers, and rather give her fans a show filled with her own music; the only supporting acts being artists she has collabos with. The most exciting of all was “Gutujja” featuring B2C, and she performed “Whistle” with Ykee Benda too.

Her super hit “Linda” with Chris Evans almost caused chaos, as the latter improvised the lyrics to include Eddy Kenzo her ex, which didn’t appease Rema at all, because her husband Dr. Hamza Sebunnya was present — she almost kicked Evans off stage, and perhaps didn’t want to shame dignitaries who were watching, like Speaker Rebecca Kadaga. Someone else though, could argue that the altercation was more of a joke or even a stunt.

The fans that came in big numbers were entertained in a huge dome erected in the Africana People’s Space, and they got to witness Rema’s beautiful outfits and music first hand. Known for having an edgy fashion sense, Rema’s outfits were out of this world that till now, people are discussing them.

Dr. Sebunnya also surprised the songstress with a Valentine’s present on stage, and this was one of the most exciting moments of the night.

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Pulse Fashion Tip: Why West African Head Wraps Are Taking Over Uganda

West African crossovers – however unavoidable – have always left the average Ugandan with mixed feelings. From Nollywood films, to Afrobeats music, and now the West African head wrap; which is lately so common placed at Ugandan weddings, you might be tempted to think it is an aspect of our culture that has merely been resuscitated – West Africa has indeed continued to be a benchmark for The Pearl of Africa.

At as low as 150,000 UGX, one can get themselves an already-made piece, and some are wrapped on for photoshoots on the go. Sabira Mulungi, a makeup artist who does a lot of functions, noticed the fad and decided to make a killing off it.

“My main customers are brides and wedding guests, and the main functions that get me clients are the customary weddings like Kwanjula.” Explains Sabira, mentioning that she is aware of the origins of the wrap, but style has no bounds.

The famous head wrap, can be donned on anything from African fabric, to a dinner dress, so it doesn’t limit creativity. Other stars like Lupita Nyong’o have rocked one before, and you too can try it out and never know you might get hooked.

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Courtesy photos.

Pulse Achiever: Christina Matovu, The Name Behind Burna Boy’s Electric Award-winning Performances

As the old saying goes, “Behind every successful man, is a woman.” Ugandan-British singer Christina Matovu has been the Rolls to Grammy-nominated musician Burna Boy’s Royce performances over the past couple of years.

The gospel songbird who turned backup singer to Burna, has backed him up at landmark shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy Fallon, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, NPR Tiny Desk, The BET Experience and on the successful worldwide African Giant Tour, at which the Nigerian Afrobeats star sold out massive venues.

A church girl who discovered her talent in the choir, Christina went mainstream in 2015 at the UK version of P Diddy’s The Voice outfit, as part of #TeamRicky and her infectious voice even made Rita Ora emotional. Fast-forward, 2020, the curvy queen gyrates with reckless abandon, and heartily and softly sings those high notes which make Burna Boy’s husky voice pop.


Besides her work with Burna’s band, The Outsiders, Christina has her own R&B and Soul music, and her album is called “Heart Art”. Check it out if you love good music. You can use the affordable Pulse data bundles by dialing *157#

Pulse Tips: Quickest Skills You Can Acquire For Free On YouTube

The internet is no longer what it used to be years ago and given that we are in a new decade, we can use it for something more than just leisure. Watching music, gossip shows, football highlights and political podcasts on YouTube is fun — I actually spend half of my day doing that — but you can still acquire some serious skills from the platform. This blog post is to give you a quick insight on what skills you could achieve for free:


Ugandan photographers like Oscar Ntege have programs of tutoring and mentoring others for a specific cost and also hold photography workshops to that effect; but these cannot be afforded by a youth trying to make ends meet with a few pennies of pocket money from parents and/or guardians. YouTubers like Peter McKinnon, Manny Ortiz, Tony & Chelsea Northrup and others, will help you learn photography without spending a penny! I can attest to that; having learnt most of the things I know about photography from YouTube.

Guitar and Piano playing

PNG Piano, Marty Schwartz Guitar and many others, serve as great music tutors on YouTube. It is easy to learn a number when you can rewind and analyze an instructor’s words, and that can only be possible with YouTube – at a free cost. Beginners, intermediate players and professionals alike, all have a chance to get something new to learn from the platform. Needn’t say that my few guitar skills were acquired from YouTube.


Okay I won’t be here assuring you of how I learnt to cook from YouTube, because I can’t cook a thing. If cooking is what will save me from a firing squad, then I guess I’ll just submit my will to the Lord Executioner. Sorry for the rather intense image, but YouTube has some professional chefs that invest a lot of time and other resources to help you learn how to do things like them.

Makeup artistry

Among the content types that get creators the most money on YouTube is “beauty content” because it is on demand. For that reason, various makeup artists from all over the world upload thousands of makeup tutorials daily for your learning — for free!

Ultimately, if you are interested in acquiring skills on a budget, or rather for free, YouTube is the precise answer and with pulse bundles you will browse away in no time. Simply dial *157# to get started.