Pulse WCW: Meet Michelle Rutagye The Travel Enthusiast

Whoever said you can’t enjoy your youth and still get your degree while at it, was and still is – for the lack of a better word – a buzzkill. 22 year old Michelle Rutagye, a fresh graduate of Accounting and Finance from United States International University(USIU) in Kenya, is proof that these two things are not mutually exclusive.

With an incessant penchant for traveling and hanging out, Michu as her friends call her, gravitates towards these hobbies, even when she doesn’t give them much thought,
“I love traveling for sure. It’s nice to always see new things, and experience different cultures and adventures.” Intimates the young beauty in a tone ever so calm.

“It’s hard for me to choose a favorite hangout spot since I visit many all over East Africa. It’s nice to always bring something back home, from what you experienced.” She adds.

If you love, then you surely loathe in equal measure, and Michu hates things that deter her from exploring the beauty that the universe owns.
“I hate being in one place for too long. I hate routine. It makes me dull and limits my mind.” She confided, revealing how much wander lust – like the travelers call it – deathlessly kindles in her.

With a life that involves traveling through Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda rather unendingly, Miss Rutagye’s Instagram(@michelle_rutagye) never has a dull moment. So you can’t be shocked if she shares an early morning update from the shores of the snow-white coastal beaches of Diani, and then a golden hour selfie from “the land of a thousand hills” in the evening of that very day.

To you the Pulser, Michu says, “The drip is forever.” And you should stand for it like she does. You can stay inspired by her life uninterrupted, by using the super affordable Pulse data bundles. Simply dial *157# and get started.

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Pulse Music Review: Wena EP by Kohen Jaycee

From his years at the university, Cohen Mwesigwa Jr knew he wanted to be a musician; studying Multimedia and Animation, Photography and Cinematography at International School of Business And Technology (ISBAT). Even though his talent was undoubted, Kohen Jaycee was determined to learn the technical bit of music and art in general as well. A couple of years later, the young talent is now known for his own songs, and not just the covers he was popular for back in the day. His EP “Wena” has etched his name in the music books of Uganda.

“Hey There” is an upbeat RnB song on the EP, and the lyrics are befitting for the style of music. “Girl tell me what you want, amma give it to you all night long, no tripping”. “Twala Nze”, sways on a looped piano arpeggio with witty lines like “Forget about the Ykee, girl amma be your Benda” which aren’t shocking since Kohen has occasionally performed spoken word poetry.

“Your Number” boasts of a catchy intro with ad libs and acoustic guitar chord solos and harmonies. It gets you smiling as soon as it starts playing. “Wena”, the song with the EP title and the chorus “Ninkwenda wena wena we”, is testimony that the singer wants more than friendship from the love of his life.

“Not letting go”, owns a nostalgic chord progression, played by a rhythm guitar, and another occasional palm-muted guitar, and synthesized drum beats. It is probably the most danceable number on the EP, and arguably the most “Ugandan-sounding” song off the EP. The million dollar question is, will Kohen do more Kidandali and go mainstream like Cosign, or will he stay true to his signature fusion of Urban Soul and Contemporary Acoustic music, and stay with a niche audience like JC Muyonjo?

The answer to that will be gotten in a matter of time, but proceeding, “Ndi nawe”, loosely translates to “I’m with you”. Save for the patois phrase in the intro, this piece is probably the one filled with the most simplicity, among every other one on the EP. It is very reminiscent of a Maurice Kirya love ballad. Kohen as a poet seeks to reassure his lover he is not planning on a life without her. “Abalungi ndabye bangi naye gwe otangaala / Guno omukwano ogwaffe, kansuubire guwangaala”

“Kulembeza and “Tamed” explain how powerful her love is over him.

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Pulse Fashion Trends: Are Men’s Head Scarfs Trending Again?

See, when it comes to fashion, public figures dictate the trends. However unrealistic a fashion statement may be, as long as they endorse it, all the cool kids and fashionistas will take it up with no hesitation. Need I mention that women in Owino Market and Taxi Conductors in Kampala had waist bags way before Rihanna popularized the fenty pack; and need I mention how “nigiina” shoes were looked at as a poor man’s thing, until Chris Brown and Wiz Kid started moving out in public donning them after baptizing them “crocs”?

In this digital era, fashion trends are highly combustible and volatile, and the most recent trend of head scarfs for men is a live epitome. For women, head wear isn’t uncommon, but for men, it really is; most especially when one isn’t attempting to pull off an Arabic look.

The headscarf has been popularized by Afro beats musicians Burna Boy and Wiz Kid, Tanzania’s Harmonize, and our very own Eddy Kenzo; the latter two being Muslims who have very often rocked the Emirati headscarf before on many occasions, but have embraced this rather secular-influenced trend too.

What’s your say about this new trend: would you rock this headscarf in this January heat?

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Pulse Music Review: Kidandali EP by JC Muyonjo

If your taste in music is like mine, if you probably love Ugandan Afro Soul music, then you have definitely heard about JC Muyonjo; a young man with a heartwarming voice and such finesse with the guitar.

In this compilation of epics, JC’s plight is about how his style of music is not being so appreciated in his country, and how he wishes he could get better recognition, but in the end, he can’t give up his art, to resort to “Kidandali” or mainstream dance music, just for fame and fortune.

In the first track, “Don’t Lose A Beautiful Thing”, featuring Sitenda, JC sings, “I’m looking for the likes, follows, like an occupation/ To be admired is my dream”. Sitenda urges him in chorus, not to “Lose a beautiful thing, while you cause delusional things.”

In the drum-driven “Kankulage”, the singer reaches out to his lover, attempting to show her what she has been missing. A love ballad meant to sooth her from previous heartbreaks and heal her from all the wounds inflicted by crooks of lovers she trusted in the past.

“Only One on My Radar” featuring Afrie is a hybrid of Afrobeats and Soul, and is another love ballad assuring his lover that his heart beats for her. Afrie, on the other hand, plays “the lover”, and shows reciprocated feelings.


To further prove that Mr. Muyingo has the urge to sell his inheritance for a single meal, but just can’t, is “Kidandali”, the song named just like the EP. On this one, JC attempts to pull off a pseudo mainstream dance style with his Afro Soul tools, but later says he cannot be a slave to dum dum bubblegum “Kikube okitte” tunes – even though he would love the money and fame that comes with it. He says he feels the pressure when he goes to perform and people don’t know him, and when they ask him to sing some club bangers; but he is always loyal to his craft. According to JC, “Kidandali” is the reason for the lack of identity for our music, due to the never-ending copy and paste in the Ugandan music industry, from Jamaican dancehall, Nigerian and other music styles.

“Uber Guy”, is reminiscent of one other Ugandan Soul Music Classic “Boda Boda”, but this time round, a cabbie isn’t being called to take a singer to his lover: a cabbie is being blamed for stealing a singer’s lover. “She left me for an Uber guy”, JC laments, “Now I’m an Uber guy”, he adds, because well, If you can’t beat them, just join them.

Ultimately, “Kindandali EP” by JC Muyonjo is one compilation which will leave very music lover renewing their Tidal subscription. You can get yourself a Pulse Tidal subscription by dialing *157#, then listen to it via the link,

Pulse Plot: Events to attend on New Year’s Eve

December is a month for non-stop enjoyments every year in Uganda, and this particular year’s twilight month has been equally interesting, with the usual influx of diaspora groups, and international performers like Jidenna and Rema. This is to alert you about the events you could attend to welcome the new year in its full glory.

First off, for party lovers, Nexus Lounge and Exo lounge have some great entertainment slated for December 31st. Others bars all over the city are holding similar parties, so you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Malls and hotels too host parties to welcome the new year. UG Mix Dance Party at Sheraton Kampala Hotel has lived through the ranks, and out-survived other New Year’s Eve events; it brings together the best DJs performing sets for several hours, and supported by some singers. Mestil Hotel and Kingdom Kampala also have events this New Year’s.

Then for stadium events, Enkuuka ya CBS, that is hosted In Kabaka’s Palace, Bulange Mengo is a good event for those who don’t have crowd phobias.

You can also welcome the new year in prayer by going to Prayer Mountain Kiwamirembe, Passover celebrations in Namboole stadium hosted by Pastor Serwadda, not forgetting Bishop Kiganda and Pastor Bugembe’s prayers too.

Dial *157# to get instant info on the various events happening this new year’s, courtesy of MTN Pulse.