For most pulsers, the Buzz Teeniez Awards (BTA) ceremony is not something new to the ear. We mostly know what they’re about. I cannot resist talking about the aroma that the Buzz Magazine brought to our days in High School.

Not to go offtrack, but my worst nightmare in High School was a Buzz Magazine issue coming out and local man fails to get a copy. They were very highly demanded, one announcement and the copies would be finished.

I had never attended a BTA ceremony in high school but I was an avid follower. I can effortlessly recall what Rabadaba was wearing at his peak in the awards ceremonies. Yeah, the King’s College Budo uniform. Quite easy, I know.

Anyway, the 2019 BTA ceremony is happening this Saturday at the MTN Warehouse. This year’s awards ceremony is fully powered by MTN Pulse and you know what that means, lots of Pulse goodies to give away.

It begins at 10 am and goes all day through until 6 pm. Entrance to the event is just 10K but there is an early bird offer at 5K before midday.

This is a teen chance to showcase style and fashion and celebrate Leavers of 2019. MTN gives out free tickets to lucky Pulsers that follow and engage with MTN platforms online. Don’t miss out.

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