August is here and within 3 weeks, new students also codenamed as freshers in all universities must have reported and nostalgia has already taken over as most reminisce about the forthcoming days. Absolutely everyone is eager to start a new chapter in their academic life, and anxious about what awaits them.

But, not to get you worried dear fresher that is reading this, Campus is mostly fun. Nonetheless, you must understand that life is never a smooth ride. That is why MTNPulse is going to take you through some of what you should expect when you inevitably report to that university you have craved so much to be in.

The Fun
Let’s face it, 80% of freshers going to report to Campus have more fun on their mind than they have academic work. Your hearts beat fastest when you remember that 4th August is the day and all your dream hangout places and night life venues will be open the next day and the day after given that at campus you’re a free man, No solid rules to deter you from your plans like high school had them pinned on the notice board.

The closest majority of you have come to intimacy is while you were watching Game of Thrones for the 100th time in your boring vacation. Now your hairstyles are shaped like Ankole long-horned cattle.

Like we noted before, Campus is really fun. You will go out till Ug Coconut starts to taste like water and you will be in intimacy till you start saying, “Let me reserve some for my future husband/Wife”

So yeah, that is a real expectation and the only thing we can tell you is to stay woke while on that, don’t break your parent’s hearts.

The Academics
This is the sole reason you are going to Campus. If you are not government sponsored, your parents are facing all odds to raise your tuition fees, accommodation fees, functional fees and meal fees. Just do them one favor; fulfil your academic purposes because at the end of the three/four/five years, your parents expect to be at your graduation ceremony. Nothing brings happiness to a parent like that day.

Because of the fun we discussed earlier, there can be diversions but face them as the champ that you are. We have seen students that enroll at law school but end up graduating with other honors because they ran away from their course. This goes to tell you that you need to study the course that you like because that is the only way you can love your job in future.
Those tales of guys that study Medicine for five or so years but end up doing other jobs are actually true. So be woke mate.

The Catch
Summarily, those are two aspects you should expect from Campus. We are not going to tell you that there is no uniform at Campus or that no one will be running after you to go and read (well, some universities do that but the most won’t care whether you attend class or not) so just pick a struggle

The majority juggle both aspects. They have fun as they also read their books. Very few concentrate on their books and at graduation, they are usually emphasized while reading out names of graduates for obvious reasons – first class degrees and stuff.
Others concentrate on the fun aspect and surprisingly they also graduate. So really, it is about picking a struggle and you will definitely go through Campus much as that is not a guarantee too since there are dropouts in that level of learning also.

Without any mentality of equivocation, we at MTNPulse wish you all the best in your new journey of education and endeavor to join MTNPulse for great offers and bundles that will help you out when doing your research and course work assignments.

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