As the Universities’ academic year comes to an end, there are lots of questions and worries running through students’ minds, both finalists and the continuing students.

For finalists, most of them are doing final year and research projects which will get them travelling upcountry to gather the required information.

It’s also a time when they have to decide whether they will pack and go back to their parents’ homes or forge a life independent from their families.

That, not forgetting the means of survival since for most, its common that they have not secured a permanent source of income.

As for continuing students, the questions surround internship placements for second year students, recess term and holiday proggie as well as ways to connect with their buddies in this long holiday.

What Next?

In this article, we highlight how together with MTN Pulse you can make sure all these questions and worries get answered.

Final year projects and final research

Whether you are doing your research from around Kampala or upcountry, you will be assured of a stable internet partner in the amazing MTN Pulse bundles that will help you stay connected everywhere you go.

You also won’t miss banking services since the extensive network of MTN Mobile Money agents will always have you sorted.

Job Hunting and Job Creation

Great opportunities come to those who are on the Pulse.

Through the timely updates on this platform, and the affordable yet very fast internet, you will not miss any opportunity.

Long Holiday Plan (Continuing Students)

It’s not news that you will keep updated about all the proggie happening around the country via this platform both before and after.

Check out FOMO to keep updated about events happening so you don’t get to miss out and just in case you can’t attend, you will also be sorted with pictorial and video reviews on the Pulse blog.

Weekly deals including KFC and Jumia will continue to come and you can’t afford to miss any.

Also using the MTN Pulse Bundles, stay connected with your pals all through, keep updated about the hot celebrity news around the country and much more.

Happy Holidays.

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