Catch all the Fun Uninterrupted With MTN Freedom Bundles

Imagine streaming a very interesting video on YouTube but along the way you log off because you need to finish up some work. Upon return, your page can’t load because your data bundle has expired. Sucks, right?
I know that many of us pulsers always got frustrated when our bundles expired before we could use them up but MTN as usual has come as our savior with MTN FREEDOM BUNDLES

These bundles allow you to pause and return to your videos as many times as you want (read forever) for as long as you still have a running bundle. These bundles have no expiry date.

It’s important to remember that these bundles are an extension or addition to the MTN freedom bundles that were launched in 2019.

Prior the new Freedom bundles, the first bundles came in 6MBs for UGX100, 80MBs for UGX1,000 and 1GB for UGX10,000.

The new volumes come in; 1GB for UGX5,000, 4GB for UGX15,000, 7GB for UGX25,000, 15GB for UGX50,000 and 40GB for UGX100,000. Show me a better offer, I’ll wait.

Unlike the first freedom bundles that can be bought by dialing *150*6#, the new bundles are exclusively available for purchase via the MyMTN app.

Dear pulser, you can come back to watch/read/stream all you want as many times as you want as long as your bundle is still running. Let no one tell you otherwise

Pulsers Who Stood Out in 2020

2020 was the year that no one ever expected. When the lockdown was enforced in March, many of us thought it was going to happen for just a couple of weeks and we would go back to normal but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Although a number of things have opened up, it is still not the normal that we are used to.

Irrespective of the pandemic a couple of pulsers were able to light out of the darkness that befell us.

Eric Opoka aka Eezzy

Eezy is a 2nd year student at Kyambogo University who has been in the music industry for the last two years. However, before the Covid-19 pandemic, his music was majorly in Gulu-his home area but this year he broke out to the entire country with his song ‘Tumbiza sound’.

Tumbiza sound has become a household hit during this pandemic. It also caught the attention of the Ministry of Health officials because the song was going against their messages to curb the spread of Covid-19. However, after a meeting with them, Eezzy will be making a remix of the song to encourage people to follow the standard operating procedures that government has put in place.

Etania Mutoni

During the lockdown, local Tv stations had to become creative by creating dance party shows for their viewers to enjoy on Friday and Saturday since they were now at home and not in hangout spots as they would have been normally. NTV hired Etania Mutoni aka The life of the Party to host the NTV Mix show on Friday.

Since then, Etania has also become a brand ambassador for Swirnoff Uganda and Jumia Uganda. Although she was already popular before in the Kampala night life, she has grown as a person in the media industry.

Raymond Kahuma

Raymond Kahuma has brought a new face to vlogs and podcasts in Uganda. He dropped out of Makerere University and decided to do something that he was very passionate about so he started a YouTube channel. His channel has the craziest of ideas like sending breakfast into space, staying in the middle of Lake Victoria for 24 hours, making the world’s biggest chapatti, and so many more.

He also has a second channel for his podcasts where he interviews different personalities and talks about current issues He has hosted Nadia Matovu, Bad Black, Mona Faces, Ainebintu Laura, etc. If you have not yet subscribed to his channel you need to buy a pulse data bundle by dialing *157# and subscribing to it.

Joseph Cheptegi

2020 was clearly the year for 24-year-old Joseph Cheptegi. He broke the 5,000M world record in the Common wealth games in August, 2020. The record he broke had been there for 16 years and had originally been set by Ethiopia’s Kenenisa Bekele. In October, 2020 he also became the world 10,000M champion.

He placed Uganda on the global map and put smiles on the faces of many proud Ugandans at a time when many were hopeless because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Patience Ankunda

When the pandemic broke out, gyms were closed, jogging was prohibited but people were in their homes eating and gaining weight. Patience Ankunda aka Panto started a health and wellness programme called Afrocanfit to address all fitness issues for young people from the comfort of their homes.

Afrocanfit has now grown and has personalized resistance bands, a health living journal and also a website where people can sign up for the monthly challenges that she plans out. She has gone on to partner with Tubayo to reward the winners of her challenges with trips to Tubayo destinations in the country.

Canary Mugume

Although he is already known to many, last year was a year of growth in Canary’s career. He became NBS TV’s Chief Corona virus correspondent. He became the face on Tv that asked the questions we had in mind and had multiple interviews with people who had answers to these questions as well. In May, he also had a one on one interview with H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to talk about the pandemic, elections and so much more.

Mpaju David and Byamugisha Joseph

These two brilliant minds from Makerere University innovated an app called ‘Covid Can I do it?”. The app is an assessment tool for the Cobid-19 virus that enables users to stay on alert an avoid crowded areas where the virus could easily be spread. The app uses Google maps data to show users the crowded and busy areas that they should avoid.

Eth Lawinsky

Ethan Kavuuma aka Eth Lawinsky was the winner of the Sanyu FM Hot Mic search. Out of hundreds of people, the ‘Mwooli’ singer won himself a 2 year contract with Sanyu FM and Ugx3,000,000. Since then he has been the host for Alive and Kicking on Friday and Eight to Eight every Monday to Friday.

This year, he also released a song titled ‘Mwooli’ which he did in collaboration with King Saha.


Learn By Sharing

Hello reader, have you ever wondered how the internet works? Instead of waiting for content to show up on your online news feed, resolve to contribute to other news feeds. The same way we like receiving, we should also learn to give. I challenge you to share everything you learn you will notice a boost in your knowledge retention, number of followers online, self-esteem and your brain power.

You read a lot online daily and when you learn something and share it, it sticks better in your brain as you explain it to your friends, followers and the entire online community. We all know that sharing is caring but this is not just sharing material stuff but knowledge too.

I recently started sharing most of my reading and analysis experiences with people around me and in turn, I noticed the good this has done. Whenever I gave anyone a lecture about what I have experienced or learnt, in most cases, they also gave me one. This has helped me improve myself and also improve others.

How you can start this. With MTN Pulse, you can now access cheaper and faster internet to read more, learn more and share more. Personally, I can’t say I have shared knowledge with millions of people yet but rather, I have started with my followers, connections, friends, workmates, acquaintances, business partners both online and offline.

At the start, I feared to share my thoughts, knowledge, content and opinions online. I always felt like my content wasn’t good enough and would receive heavy criticism. I overcame that fear eventually by starting with just a few sentences accompanied by pictures on my social media platforms and to date and worked my way upwards.

Just as I have shared this with you, anything you may take away from my many words, kindly care enough to share with at least 1 person either verbally or in your online networks.

Knowledge, when shared with others, travels wide and far as it creates a ripple effect with immeasurable reach. With Pulse, Lets Share With #NoFear.

Pulse Rewind! Billie Eilish, 18 years, Wins 5 Grammy Awards Out of 6 Nominations

American teenage sensation, Billie Eilish, who sang “Bad Guy” has made history in the music industry after making impressive wins at the biggest stage of music awards and appreciation in the whole world, The Grammy Awards of 2020.

At the show that was hosted by Alicia Keys, Billie Eilish won best vocal pop album, album of the year and record of the year (When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?), song of the year (“Bad Guy”) and best new artist.

As if winning big wasn’t enough, she became the youngest person to be nominated for, and to win, awards in all four general-field categories (album of the year, record of the year, song of the year and best new artist) in a single outing.

“I never thought this would happen in my whole life. I feel like I jump around at these things and I never take anything seriously, but I genuinely want to say that I’m so grateful and I’m honored to be here.” The 18 year old said in her acceptance speech for song of the year.

Ella Mai at the Grammys

The awards ceremony paid tribute to fallen basketball star Kobe Bryant when in her opening monologue, Alicia Keys was joined by Boys II Men to sing a moving tribute for the former LA Lakers shooting guard. Kobe died in a helicopter crash along with his daughter GiGi Bryant.

“We’re literally standing here heartbroken in the house that Kobe Bryant built.” Alicia Keys said at the Staples Center, this year’s venue for the Grammy Awards.

Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande at the ceremony

You can view the full list of winners here:

Download and stream Tidal Music to enjoy the music that won big at the Grammy’s or get DSTV bundles to watch the same. With MTN, all possibilities are viable.


How To Maintain Your Hair In The Heat

In Uganda, there’s usually no hotter month than January probably because it is coupled with a lot of worrying about money. The lack of money doesn’t make the heat any better but you have to find coping mechanisms to be able to get through it all.

For the female pulsers, your hair care during this time is very crucial so here is how you can take care of your hair during this hot season:

Plait light hair
You need to plait hair styles that are light on the head because the big hair causes you to sweat a lot. Light hair also enables you to stay comfortable and manage the heat in a more friendly manner.

Let your hair out

As opposed to plaiting, you can simply leave your hair out during this time. This is very easy to maintain and style so you don’t have to stress a lot in the heat. This also gives room for your hair to aerate.

Regular oiling

You don’t want your scalp to become very dry during this time, so it is important to oil your hair as often as possible so that your hair pours stay open. You can get yourself your preferred hair oil and pay for it using MTN Momo pay and stand a chance to win a shopping spree worth UGX 1,000,000.

Use head wraps

Head wraps should be something that every girl should have in their wardrobe. They are even more important during this time because they protect your scalp and hair from having direct contact with the hot sun and Ultraviolet rays which may damage your hair. Alternatively you can also use hats as opposed to head wraps.

With just these few tips, you should be able to go through the raining days of January easily.

Courtesy photo