Social Media Kings: Meet Joshua Mulwana, Engineer Turned Twitter Darling

Like the common question it has become, are millennials slowly moving away from practicing what they studied and tending towards letting their passions bake their cakes? Joshua Mulwana commonly known as Pirate Mulwana, a recent graduate of Electrical Engineering from Makerere University is one of this kind.

His love for social media and communications has over the years made him a Twitter darling and one of the top influencers in Uganda. This budding career path has many young people joining and surviving off it but some have mastered the professionalism and craft it requires to pull it off as a reliable digital marketer. Case in point, Joshua Mulwana.

“But does this social media thing pay off?” Some people from Gen X will ask but Pirate Mulwana is one of the few influencers who have tangible things to show for it. Recently he expressed his gratitude towards his hard work for earning him a car which he bought with money ONLY made from influencing.

“Practicing electrical engineering is not my priority now and honestly not any time soon. I eat and breath digital marketing.” Joshua said when asked if he will ever practice engineering.


Like the man of many talents he is, he surprised his twitter followers when he uploaded a video of himself doing a cover to Ed Sheeran’s perfect- with his saxophone.
“My mum gifted me with a sax because she knew how much I loved music. I took it upon myself to learn the sax from YouTube tutorials and later enrolled into a music school. I have started doing small gigs with my sax and it’s one of the most fulfilling things ever.” Joshua said.

If anyone is focused on their passions in this generation, Pirate Mulwana is one of them. We wish him all the best in his endeavors. One question remains though, Can social media be enjoyed without the most reliable data bundles? Don’t be left out. Dial *157# to enjoy pulse bundles.

Pulse WCW: Meet Leticia Mugisha, Lawyer And Beauty Queen Thriving in Farming And Entrepreneurship

Gone are the days when some traits and trades were mutually exclusive; especially to the fairer sex. In the life of Leticia Mugisha, a beauty queen who reached the finals of Miss Uganda 2015, breaking societal impediments is a daily task. With a blossoming decor business to her name, the budding farmer who just graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Laws from Makerere University is an inspiration to many girls.

“Some days are brighter than others.” Acknowledges the CEO of Empressive Decor, and there’s no doubt that it is her goodness with people that keeps her afloat in her multiple trades.

She understands the value of taking a break from work, so when she is not adorning clients’ events and spewing some legal jargon in chambers, Miss Mugisha is minding her farming business; and also traveling to explore the beauty the universe owns.

The hardest part about all this, is to be able to strike a balance, and Leticia has a tip on how to achieve that,
“It’s never too late to love yourself.” She says.

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Pulse Next Big Star: Youngster Oscar Kampala Discusses Fashion, Entrepreneurship

Oscar Nyesiga, a young fashion designer and go getter, hopes to inscribe a long lasting mark on the Ugandan fashion industry. A first year student studying Statistics at Makerere University, Nyesiga who is mostly known as Oscar Kampala has been in love with fashion for as long as he can remember.

He gets his name from his men’s fashion boutique that is located at Ham Shopping Grounds. Oscar Kampala Collections deals in bespoke suits that Mr Nyesiga says he develops mainly because of his love for suits and passion for art.


“Bespoke suits are tailor made. They are traditionally cut from a pattern drafted from scratch basing on the user’s desires and is therefore different from ready-to-wear suits.” Nyesiga explained.

With just almost two years in the fashion industry, his life rotates around his fashion business. He pays his own tuition and upkeep and has been able to sustain himself at campus thus far. He invested his time in S.6 vacation to make transforming entrepreneurial decisions of his life and he doesn’t regret an inch of the outcomes.


He attributes his successes so far to mentor-ship, inspiration from fashion bigwigs and his love for entrepreneurship.

“Probably with prayer, hard work, persistence and the right peers, I shall expand my business to represent Uganda on the international market with Bespoke Suits.” He concluded.

Kampala says he is going to right away enable his business on MTN MoMo Pay so that his clients can pay for his product and services without incurring any charges, by dialing *165#

Fashion is without doubt, one of the fastest growing industries in Uganda’s arts and entertainment. With the strides taken by Ugandan designers such as Sylvia Owori, Santa Anzo and especially Brian Ahumuza (Abryanz), the sector has become flourishing and only the sky will be the limit for Nyesiga.


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Pulse Rewind: Good Music And Exciting Fashion At Rema’s Valentine’s Day Show

Rema Namakula mastered the art of linking uptown and downtown audiences with her music, and she also appeals to all genders and age groups. Her show at Hotel Africana on Valentine’s Day was yet another statement that she is here to stay.

Impressive was her choice not to have a long lineup of curtain raisers, and rather give her fans a show filled with her own music; the only supporting acts being artists she has collabos with. The most exciting of all was “Gutujja” featuring B2C, and she performed “Whistle” with Ykee Benda too.

Her super hit “Linda” with Chris Evans almost caused chaos, as the latter improvised the lyrics to include Eddy Kenzo her ex, which didn’t appease Rema at all, because her husband Dr. Hamza Sebunnya was present — she almost kicked Evans off stage, and perhaps didn’t want to shame dignitaries who were watching, like Speaker Rebecca Kadaga. Someone else though, could argue that the altercation was more of a joke or even a stunt.

The fans that came in big numbers were entertained in a huge dome erected in the Africana People’s Space, and they got to witness Rema’s beautiful outfits and music first hand. Known for having an edgy fashion sense, Rema’s outfits were out of this world that till now, people are discussing them.

Dr. Sebunnya also surprised the songstress with a Valentine’s present on stage, and this was one of the most exciting moments of the night.

In general, Rema Namakula has never disappointed her fans, and didn’t disappoint this time as well. To be in the loop with what happens on the entertainment scene, The Pulse got you covered. Just dial *157# to utilize the subsidized offerings like data bundles.

Pulse Rewind: Rudeboy Delivers Energetic Performance At The Comedy Store Show on Valentine’s Day

This year’s Valentine’s day came with very many programs for people to take their loved ones to and also for the single people to enjoy themselves. One of them was the Comedy store featuring former P Square artist- Paul Okoye aka Rude boy.

Rude boy performed along side some of Kampala’s biggest acts like Eddy Kenzo, Sheebah, Bebe Cool, Chameleon, Cindy, Winnie Nwagi among many others. Comedy store which is known to couple music and comedy was able to gather hundreds of people at the Lugogo cricket oval.

Among many other things, one of the biggest highlights was Rudeboy performing Radio and Weasel’s Nakudatta. The crowd was amazed at how Rude boy was able to learn the Luganda verses of the song to pay tribute to the late Mowzey Radio. It was quire emotional.

Kudos to the team at Comedy Store for starting 2020 on a high note!