Early bird tickets to the MTN Nyege Nyege festival have been released on sale at a discounted price for early buyers.

The tickets which are available on online ticketing website Quicket are now selling at 120,000/- which is 30,000/- less than the normal ones.

Normally, MTN Nyege Nyege tickets will go for 150,000/- for anyone buying from the gate.

Click Here to buy Early bird tickets

Earlier, MTN had sold 200 tickets at a giveaway price of 50,000 for anyone purchasing via MoMo Pay, a mobile payment system.

The tickets are already available for pickup at Talent Africa Offices along Kyadondo road.


According to information from the organisers, there is also an arrangement for accommodation for the three days party that includes a camping tent and a mattress for either one person, two or three.

For those interested in camping but bringing their own gear, they will be required to pay 30,000/- for the camp site.

For a camping tent and mattress (es), party goers will pay;

Tent with Mattress (1 PERSON) UGX80,000
Tent with Mattress (2 PERSON) UGX100,000
Tent with Mattress (3 PERSON) UGX120,000


About MTN Nyege Nyege

MTN Nyege Nyege stands for respect and abundant joy, it stands for Africa and Africans, for underground music and musicians, it stands for fun and curiosity and strives towards inclusivity and wonder, something of a perfect world you might say.

Born out of an act of sheer collective madness in the rainy season of 2015 (after which it moved to the dry season), MTN Nyege Nyege Festival is now considered the most important 4-day international music festival in East Africa for both its one of a kind curation and its unique afropolitan party vibe.

MTN Nyege Nyege is part of a Kampala based arts incubator that includes an arts residency and community studios, a record label and artist management agency called Nyege Nyege Tapes and a party crew called Boutiq Electroniq. The Festival is the platform on which we showcase our new productions and the artists we work with, making it a highlight for both audiences and musicians alike.

The festival takes place in a breathtaking forest on the shores of the Nile River, just a few minutes away from the Source and includes a brand new camping village in 2018.  Despite attracting a global audience and being international in nature, MTN Nyege Nyege is not your classic “destination festival”, it is first and foremost a celebration of Ugandan culture and African music, and the “Spirit of UG” is ever present. In 2017, it was voted Uganda’s event of the year.

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