Quentin Tarantino is preparing to smile all the way to the bank after his new film ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ grossed $40M on its first weekend.

The film has beaten the record he set for himself a decade ago when Inglorious Bastards grossed $38M on its first weekend. Django Unchained grossed $30M.

Starring Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, the film tells the story of a 1969 setting where two aging Hollywood players are trying to hold onto what little purchase they have left in the industry.

Rick Dalton (DiCaprio) is a faded TV Star who’s been reduced to guest appearances and spaghetti westerns, and Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) is his loyal stuntman whose job is becoming obsolete as Dalton’s offers dry up.

The closest these two men come to rubbing shoulders with the Hollywood A-listers is on Cielo Drive where Dalton happens to live next to director Roman Polanski and his wife Tate. Even when they’ve never been on talking terms, Darlton realises that a single pool party invitation from the director may change the failing course of his career.

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