The idea of house parties is not very pronounced in Uganda as is in Western countries but a few individuals who have tried it out here can bear me witness that the experiences are memorable.

If you have been to one, you must have realized that at a house party everyone is ready to unleash the little slut and the hidden bad guy in them contrary to other settings.

In a club or lounge, most girls are simply there to get attention from all these many thirsty guys or at least to prove they belong to a particular class but at house parties, they have come to have fun.

Also, unlike in a bar, you are in control at a house party. The music, guest list, hours of fun—and the details are all in your hands. Overall, it’s much cheaper, much secure, and much fun at a house party because people are very real.

But with great power comes great responsibility, and if you don’t handle things the right way, your next invitations will get deleted before they are even read.

The biggest challenge to having a great house party is having the crowds come over and the experience they will get while at your party. This will determine whether they will want to come back or will shun your parties forever.

And despite the hardships, pulling together a group of people to enjoy one another’s company isn’t a difficult task.

Below are some tips to organizing an awesome party.

  1. Invite your neighbors

You don’t want your buddies to be interrupted in the middle of their turnup by an annoyed neighbor complaining of loud music or noise from some tipsy individuals.

Even when your neighbors aren’t into partying, inviting them will be an alert that “please make arrangements to be out of your place at this time or don’t complain when it gets loud because I’ve given you fair warning.”

They may not show up, but it’s still important to make them feel special by telling them you’d love to have them.

  1. Be selective with your guest list

A major factor in the success or failure of your house party depends on who you choose to invite. There are particular individuals who are known for liking to have a good time and will make other people’s experience memorable but your guest list also needs to include a set of key players that will guarantee things run smoothly.

Don’t invite anyone you don’t trust, or do an open invite on social media. Invite about 20 but point out that people can bring friends, girlfriends, boyfriends and other colleagues.

Also plan on inviting your friend that doesn’t drink, as you’ll need someone sober to handle the knocks on your door from arriving guests, annoyed neighbors, and possibly, the police.

List all of the jobs that you don’t want to do at your party and then invite guests to fill those positions. Put some of your friends to work and your primary responsibility will be to act as the best host around.

DO NOT attach a fee to attending the party. House parties are always free.

  1. Snacks

You’ll need snacks – so that people have something to do with their hands when they arrive. Go for crisps, pringles and popcorn and place them in plastic non-breakable bowls on a table.

  1. Drinks

Obviously, people bring their own drinks to a house party. (If you ever get invited to a house party, please carry drinks with you.)

But as a host, it’s always good to have something to hand that makes you feel like a superior host and also make people want to come back for another party in the future.

UG Coconut punched with splash Mango will make a good starter drink to get your party moving.

  1. Lights

Don’t leave the big, bright lights on. Seriously, nobody wants to see what anyone else looks like after 12 shots.

But blurry and preferably colored led lights will make the experience even more interesting if you can’t access disco lights.

  1. Speaker arrangement

You want people to be free to move around all zones of the house. Close off any areas that you don’t want people to access to avoid clashing with your guests.

Don’t have music in just one area and nothing in the rest of the house – you’ll either drive everyone into the kitchen where they’ll stand and other places will stay empty.

Clear a space for a dance area with seating around the edges and have another zone with of cushions and rugs. That way people can avoid their exes in comfort.

  1. Music

Music is very key to any party. If the music is whack, your party will be whack.

Find out if one of your homies has DJ-ing skills, throw him a few bucks, and have him hold things down in the corner of your living room.

Get yourself some decent Bluetooth speakers that require a pin. Create a playlist in advance or download mixtapes by popular deejays and keep your phone on you at all times, or at least hidden in a cupboard where nobody can find it and suddenly start playing their own things.

  1. Timing

Lie about the start time. Tell everyone to arrive 2 hours earlier than you’d like them to. Nobody wants to be the first person there, so they should all rock up 2 hours late – or exactly on time.

  1. Introductions

Unless you were very strategic when planning your guest list, chances are your guests will be strangers to each other.

Be a good host and make introductions so that you don’t find yourself babysitting your socially awkward friends for the entire duration of your party.

Start conversations between the guests you know share common interests, then slowly pull away from the conversation and let them fend for themselves.

  1. Party Games

Have a deck of cards on hand, drag out an old game of Twister or plan some drinking games. People love a drinking game when they’re desperately trying not to be anxious around new people.

Do or dare challenges will get people drinking opening up and by the middle of the night, everyone will be friends with the other.

  1. Stay Sober

It’s your party and you can get drunk if you want to, but if you want to actually remember how awesome your party was, stay sober.

Shopping List

  • Cheap spirits – Pulsers love Ug Coconut, Bond 7, and or White Mischief
  • Juice – Preferably Splash Mango
  • Snacks (Pringles, crisps and popcorn)
  • blurry lights and colored bulbs
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bin bags (for the cleanup)


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