Date & Time February 1, 2019 at 17:00:00
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Q ball is a platform where customers get to purchase items of their choice or for their loved ones on discounted offers.

Starting February 1st, Q-ball users will get an opportunity to purchase variety of products that will be up for grabs every week ranging from phones, all expenses paid trips, household, discounted meal offers from selected hangouts and so much more at a relatively cheaper price.

Purchases via Q-ball will be running for a week from Friday 6pm – Thursday Midnight. Between 8am-5pm on Friday, the winners shall be announced across all platforms and they shall be able to pick their products and new products for the bid shall be announced the following day.

How to Participate;

Items shall start at 90% off their usual cost price and each bid shall cost 1,000/= either via Mobile money or VISA payment for example if a Samsung 55” TV  goes for 2,000,000/= then the Auction House shall have the initial bid price of  the TV at 200,000/=

Each bid placed shall cost 1,000/= and you can track the progress of your bid through the *252# platform on your mobile device.

The highest bidder at the end of the week shall take the item at a price extremely lower than the market value. For example, if you are successful with 100 bids for the TV then you get to purchase it at 300,000/= which is much cheaper than the 2,000,000/= you would spend on the same commodity.

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