Uganda’s Top Social Media Influencer “Pyepar” To Host His Fans At Valhalla Bar

Date & Time July 26, 2018 at 19:00:19
Organizer & Location


Valhalla bar

Less than a week after receiving the most tear-jerking message from twitter about the suspension of his account where in one of his recent tweets via the new account @PyeparFaisal he termed it as his source of BREAD, the well-known social media influencer in uganda Faisal Ssesanga A.K.A Pyepar, will be hosting his fans for a party at Valhalla Bar kampala.

The main motive behind the party labeled #PypeparReborn is to appreciate all tweeps for the love and support they show(ed) to him via his old account that was suspended last week for reasons only known to twitter and currently on his new account. “I want to appreciate the power of influencers because, some people think it’s a walk in the park to create content and only people to celebrate with are my fellow tweeps who understand what it means to be an influencer” he said

According to the program line up MTNPulse came across, the party will start at exactly 6pm till late and there will be a cake cutting session with decent music from the famous DJ Ciza and Kampala’s Best Hype man DJ Naselow alias the Noise Maker.

You can follow @PyeparFaisal on twitter for all the updates about the party.


Map of location