From lipstick to nail colors to shoes and even clothes, nude colors have become very popular of late. Nude colors are basically very light and neutral colors that can be worn by anyone depending on the shade picked. They are very common in pale shades of pink, grey, blue and brown sometimes. At least 2 in every 10 pulsers have their nails painted with nude colors or at least 2 are wearing a nude pair of shoes. If they are not wearing them at the moment, they probably have a pair of nude shoes or clothes or lip stick at home.

Nude colors go with just about anything. It is easy to match them up with another piece of cloth and you will still look stunting. This is probably the major reason as to why female pulsers run for them. Even with a dark skin tone, once you find your perfect nude shade, you can rock it on your nails, lipstick, accessories and also your clothes.

Nude colors also look elegant. Although nude colors appear to be very simple, they give off a very elegant and sophisticated vibe because they are rare and are just becoming common in the fashion world. It is very likely that when you wear a nude color no one else will wear the same exact color so you stand out as unique.

So don’t be left behind on the amazing rave of nude colors,. Twambale Apparel by MTN Pulse has got you covered for all you might need in anything nude colored. Alternatively get onto your Jumia app and buy some lipstick, shoes, clothes name it and pay using MTN momo and get yourself something elegant and easy to wear.


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