In my lower primary, I was the kind of child who would cram songs and belt them out loud – even though more often than not –  oblivious to their meanings. I was addicted to the likes of Jose Chameleone, but one singer intrigued me the most. Not because she had better music or anything, but the fact that she was younger than I was, and sang songs I loved, was enough for me to fall in love with Baby Gloria. I would wager that many late 90’s and early 2000’s babies were like me. My people, our whizz kid has grown into a super diva.
From “Mummy mummy”, or which most folks like to call “Twagala tuyimbe” to other gospel tunes, Gloria Mulungi, daughter of celebrity gospel singer Betty Nakibuuka, lasted the test of time, most definitely because of her supportive parents. Her long ambassadorial deal with Movit also contributed to her staying alive in our minds, as commercials never ceased having her juvenile voice, and it is through the same adverts that many doubters realized she had matured musically.
True to her gospel roots, Gloria stuck to her guns, and went on to get collabos in the reserved industry. Ruyonga and Levixone are some of the stars she has worked with in the recent past. Shockingly though, even after turning 18 recently, she hasn’t dropped the baby part of her name; perhaps she took Wiz Kid as a benchmark.
Baby Gloria’s story is one so inspiring. She actually won big at the HiPipo Music Awards this year. Wait… almost forgot I was about to watch her new “Remote Control” music video on YouTube. Let me reload my Pulse data bundles real quick.

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