Every day, technology evolves. People invent and innovate new apps, gadgets, and software that either fascinates us or send us laughing out of the room. Well, this week we focus on FaceApp, a mobile app that has been viral on social media.

You have probably seen many photos imitating young people looking older and quite a few photos of old people looking younger. FaceApp is the app behind the viral photos that showcase photos of users at an older age. The two-year-old Artificial Intelligence-driven photo editor from Russian company Wireless Lab, allows you to edit a person’s face to make them appear older or younger.

The app has become so viral that it has got a challenge of its own on social media. You will find photos of your friends, celebrities, politicians whose current photos have been altered to show when they are either younger or older.

FaceApp also comes with other features such as adding beards, bands, makeup and more. Some of these features are premium but transforming your face by age is free.

We couldn’t miss out on the fun and tried the challenge on one our Pulse ambassodors and boy are we having fun.

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