When you hear it for the first time, you may not understand what it actually means and will wonder why people are mentioning foodstuff randomly – worse still, foodstuff like cassava.

In this era of product and brand visibility online, so many advertisers are looking for social media users that can actively engage their audiences about their products. And who better than young people on social media?


As such, we have seen so many young people use something as simple as a tweet to earn extra cash, and get connections that give them jobs in future.

“I am a qualified Electrical Engineer and I am going to practice my profession. But before I find a suitable job for my qualities and expectations, I have got to meet some personal bills and expenses. That is where wogoss comes in” Mark Guma (@markopolo94) the inventor of the catchphrase told MTN Pulse.


Some other young people have met their employers in the line of execution of this work. One of them is Fine Media Ltd’s Head of Digital, Jeremiah Ainebyona (@jerryjones99).
“I met my employer online. He had a campaign that I signed up to as one of the influencers and he liked my work. Just like that, I got a job that is actually inline with what I studied at the university – B.COM/Marketing.”


These are just two particles of sand in an ocean. So many young people online are making money by engaging their audiences on social media about certain products, events and programs. The next time you see a friend vigorously pushing something, maybe “support his/her hustle” because they’re meeting so much while at it.

Also, for purposes of clarity. Cassava/wogoss is monetary payment for a service online. It in no way relates to the actual root tuber and your friends are not getting paid in form of cassava.

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