The world has grown very competitive because of changes in population and scarcity of our resource envelope. But with hard work, commitment and passion in doing your work, any hurdle can be overcome. That summarizes the story of Gad Rogers, a youthful social media influencer.

If you are a consistent follower of MTN activities online, Gad should not be a new face for you. If not the face, at least the handle @gad_rogers.

He is a social media influencer, an usher, peer educator and commercial model. Gad has used the online space to not only grow his presence online and promote his personal brand but also earn a living.

“I believe that in life we are all drivers. For my case (and my colleagues) our vehicles are our mobile phones and laptops. Our fuel is data.” Gad told MTN Pulse.

He said that he has been so lucky that MTN Pulse data bundles were introduced to aid guys like him in their line of work. “Otherwise, it would be really hard to keep up.” He said.

“Pulse Bundles are unique, on top of the main data, they have a SWIFT package and the daily bundle is always just Shs 1,000. Most of my work is on social media and SWIFT covers that.” Gad described the offer.

He thanked MTN for maintaining SWIFT within the Pulse bundles even after the package was almost totally wiped out when Over The Top services started getting taxed.

Gad acknowledged that the journey is not smooth and that there are challenges here and there but he’s persisting.

“One of the challenges my colleagues and I face is tax. In as much as we appreciate the government spirit of raising income, we think something can be done to take away the burden of having to pay OTT to access social media. If anything can be done even to lessen it, we would be grateful.” He said.

To access the data bundles that  Gad Rogers mentions in the story, just dial *157# and enjoy.

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