It is exam season for most of the pulsers in university and I know that it comes with a lot of pressure because of the fear of failing your exams. Exam time also comes with a lot of panicking because you barely read during the semester and you are now saving the semester at the last minute. So here is how you can channel that energy into your exams.

Prioritize your time

Once you realize that you have no time to read for your exam and your only resort is to fatten the bull on the market day, prioritize your time. It is important that you accept the importance of your exams so that you give them maximum time and attention. There should be less destruction for you during this time because you number one priority is to pass.

Take breaks

As much as the pressure for exams may be over the top, be sure to take breaks in between your reading. This is important so that you keep a leveled head when reading and also when writing exams. You do not want to read all day and then fall asleep in the exam because you exhausted your brain. However, your breaks should not take the whole day because then you can easily lose focus. Ever heard someone say their answers evaporated? It’s usually such scenarios that lead to that.

Remember to eat

Eating healthy and nutritious food during the exam time is important for brain stimulation. It also helps you to deal with the exam anxiety that you might be having. Eat healthy to keep a healthy mind for the exams.

Have happy thoughts!

As silly as this may sound, most of the anxiety and uncertainty in exams comes from negative thoughts that cause you to worry and panic. However, replace these thoughts with positive thoughts to encourage yourself so that you can read with no destruction.

Remember, you are not the first one to do exams so passing is not a myth. Give you best as you write your exams. Success to you all.


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