Many pulsers are in employment or will soon be in employment and the idea of having a boss figure can be pretty scary. This is because you don’t know whether you’ll be good enough for them or if they will like you. Here are a few ways to get along with your boss:

Create a line of respect for your boss.

As much as some bosses might be very out going, you need to respect him or her at all times and know when it’s time for work and when it is time for games. This enables you to have a positive relationship with him or her.

Match your boss’ communication style.

You need to accept that people are different so if you are chatty, it doesn’t mean everyone is chatty as well. Some bosses love to get straight to the point and if that is the case, embrace that as a way of communicating with them.

Study your boss.

If you’re new in a work place, get to study your boss first because you don’t want to give the vibe that you’re better than your boss. Also you need to know if your boss is one who loves to talk about off work related issues or not. A trusted employee at the workplace can help you know the dos and don’ts.

Put your boss’ needs at the centre of your work.

When work is given to you, it is best that you deliver at 100%. This means that you should be able to also deliver it in a timely manner without procrastinating. This enables you to stand out amongst your fellow employees and surely your boss will notice you.

You need to know that you and your boss will disagree at times.

Disagreement is not bad but rather it creates space for the two of you to grow and improve your working relationship. It is room for you to see your liabilities and see how to turn them into assets. When you disagree, it is a learning point for both of you.

Honesty is very key.

Just like any other relationship, without honesty, the relationship with your boss is built on a weak foundation of lies. However, if you are able to be honest and ask for help when a task probably fails you, your relationship is likely to be stronger.

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