Internship is an opportunity that every undergraduate gets to practically relate with their careers of interest. We must all have ever had that intern places retain students who impress but do we really put effort in knowing what kind of impression we require at internships?


There is a lot that is required of an intern besides good impression. Time management, good behavior, excellent work ethics and relations with work mates being the underlying factors. Today let’s sink a bit in what can make you get retained at your intern place.


Developing a Strong Professional Working Relationship with Your Supervisor

Some of you , off record, love to say that your supervisors have been sent from hell for you. But is that the impression you give them? Smile whenever they “stress” you with assignment, they need to know that you love the job – if you really want it. Even when they’re clearly unapproachable, ask them questions whenever you are stuck. By doing that you’ll be developing a working relationship with them that no matter your other flaws, they’ll respect you.


Complete Assigned Projects on Time

If you get an assignment on Monday scheduled for completion by Friday and you complete it two weeks later, that is not a retaining impression. When the supervisor wants it in a week’s time, complete it in half and ask for more. Do it reservingly however, lest you break your own back.


Respect and Associate Well with Other Workmates

Your supervisor is not the only one in the organization you want to be retained at. He won’t be the only one on the interview panel either, so you need to relate well with others too. A greeting every morning doesn’t hurt.


You Need a Remembrance Factor

To be able to achieve your aim of being retained, you need something you’ll be easily remembered for. Interns come to the organisation every year. What is that one thing unique about you that they’ll never forget? Are you the hardworking type? Are you the extremely well behaved type? Find something that you’ll excel at and easily be remembered for. Let it not be late coming however.


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