After men, you should fear women with natural hair. Natural hair looks so beautiful when it is all grown and styled but the journey of getting it to that place is like what the Ngoni went through to migrate from South Africa. For all the ladies doing it, I just want to say that you are strong for enduring the pain and hustles of having natural hair. However here are a couple of tips you can use to handle your natural hair;

1.Moisture, moisture, moisture!

It’s essential for healthy-looking hair. Keeping your afro well-nourished and moisturized will help to enhance elasticity and shine, and curb brittleness and breakage. Your hair oil should be your bestie. Oil your hair 247!

2. Beat the heat

This is like the greatest advice from natural hair experts. Avoid heated tools as much as possible. Instead, let your hair dry naturally. Heat is one of the biggest spoilers of natural hair. If using a hairdryer or blow dryer is necessary, set it on the lowest heat.

3. Natural hair products

There are so many natural hair products from shea butter to cantu to kentaro organics, the list is endless. Make use of the products to soften your hair and also to neutralize the pH of your scalp. However what works for one person may not work for you so it’s important to talk to your hair specialist to determine what is best for your hair quality.

4. Natural hair styles

Now days there are so many natural hair styles that help you manage your hair easily. For example the twists and twist outs. Afros and mo are like the queens of natural hair so get yourself hooked up with their styles. However there are so many other saloons around that can also help you with maintaining the natural hair.

5. Don’t just sleep on your hair

I know the stress from school can be too much that you just want to lie on your bed and sleep. In the morning when you wake up you find your hair entangled and hard. So to avoid that, do “tuts” in your hair or hold it tightly in a puff and tie a cloth around it. It makes it easy for you hair not to entangle.

6.Avoid coloring

I know colored hair looks amazing and very attracting. A colour change is tempting, but it’s best to stay away from any forms of hair dye or bleaching for your natural hair. It weakens the hair follicles and so it can easily break.

With these few tips your natural hair should be able to grow and blossom and ladies, don’t forget to lay your edges to keep your look popping!

Photo credit: ABC News site

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