The digital era came to us with infinite opportunities and harnessing them is the most ideal thing for us as youths to do. If you are the kind who wants to resort to earning money online because you are too lazy to do anything in reality, this post is not for you. If you are a creative – or at least if you want to be one – interested in earning off your content creating, pick up a pen and write the key points you find forth.

For this piece, I’m imagining you already have a YouTube channel, or you know how to create one, and my main aim is to give you tips on how to break even. It is very paramount to choose a simple and memorable name for your channel, and create good and relatable content. Your videos shouldn’t be too long, as they’ll bore off your viewers, and even though investment is required in equipment like cameras and mics, the golden rule is to START NOW and improve with time. With just your iPhone, you can make it, as long as you post regularly(at least once every week) and are patient enough to let the channel grow at its pace.

When sure that your settings have been optimized with tags and key words, head to Video Manager under “My Channel” and check “Enable Monetization”. It is important to note that YouTube doesn’t pay you for your subscribers or the views on your videos, but for the number of times ads have been viewed off your videos. And also, you can’t earn up until you reach 4000 total hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers. You also need to create an AdSense account, which will act as your e-bank account.

In light of the payment, various parameters contribute to how much money you get. The country of your viewers matters, in that one view from a developed country like USA will count numerous times more than one from a developing country like Uganda. The type of your content and type of the ad too, matter just as much. And needless to say, YouTube will always take 45% off your gross revenue.

Ultimately, we hope you are ready to buy enough Pulse bundles to always be ready for the video uploads, since they burn a great volume of data. God speed you, comrade. Cheers!


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