How To Monetise Your Social Media

Latest News | 2020-02-21

By Mugabi Patsy

What if I told you that you make a living off your social media away from scrolling and keeping up with our faves on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook? .You may need to sit down for this read before this tea gets cold.

Creating Engaging Content

People like content that helps them solve their problems or educate them. Creating specific content for a defined audience can help you build a reputable brand. Regardless of your field whether its fitness, skincare, fashion or even technology. The next step is having branded merchandise, organizing masterclasses or events based on your content.

Social Media Consulting

Every reputable brand needs to have its social media game on point to stay at the top. This is an opportune moment for you to spill your creative juices. Aesthetics matter! Less is always more. You can even tap into small and medium scale businesses for whatever product . It could be matchboxes, mattresses or even travel companies.

Become an ambassador for a brand earning commission

This avenue of monetization is not foreign to many Pulsers. It’s a win-win by offering your audience discounts while making you money. Start with homegrown brands that be solely based online such as Facebook or Instagram.

Strategic Collaborations

The collaboration over competition mantra is giving us a new wave of influencers. Collaborations help diversify your audience and make your customer base grow. It’s an exciting venture and one that seems to be popular with many social media influencers.

Join an affiliate program.

Majority of the affiliate services are free. They simply require you to share links to your respective social media. You are paid per sale on your social media. The trick is to be authentic. Authenticity builds trust and in turn customer loyalty.

Dial *157*20# to get MTN Pulse Data Bundles for 24 hours with an additional 200MB as you start to monetize your social media.

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