The world is going digital and we can now shop online, pay for streaming and many amenities without ever visiting a shop physically. Previously, one had to go to the bank, fill in long forms, attach national IDs and LC letters and then wait for either 2 hours or 7 days for a physical Visa card from the bank.

Well, that wait is no more. All you need to do is get an MTN MoMocard.  By dialing *165*70# and you can have your virtual card – MTN MoMocard in a few seconds.

You select option 1 to create a MoMocard and then enter your pin. You will be charged 1000/- to create a MoMocard that lasts up to 30 days.

To access you MoMocard details, dial *165*70# then select option 2. This will show you your card number, CVV and the expiry date of the MoMocard.

So when you visit a website that accepts debit card / Mastercard payments, search for items you would like to purchase, add them to the cart, and when asked to enter the debit card details here is what you type;

Card Name: Here enter the names in which your mobile money is registered.

Card Number: Enter the long (16 digits) number that begins with 53…..,

CVV: Enter the 3 digit number after the comma

Expiry Date: Enter the month and year of the expiry date usually in this format (mm/yy) eg. (02/20) or select from the drop-down menu.

Click complete payment then when the website finishes you will receive an SMS from MTNMobMoney showing how much has been deducted.


The beauty of the MTN MoMocard is the ability to cancel it anytime after making a payment, and also the expiry after 30 days means that you won’t forget and get abruptly billed for another renewal.


Shopping with this card also saves you time and cost to an actual bank.

Simply dial *165*70# and select option 1 (Create MTN MoMocard) then you can easily shop and pay anything online.

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