“I am using Web Programming to Transform My Life and Community” – Arthur Kasirye

Latest News | 2021-07-21

Arthur Kasirye is a web developer and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert who is running Kasiryelabs (kasiryellabs.com) at the moment.

Kasiryelabs is a Web and Systems Development company located in Kampala at Lourdel Road 7th Street AHA Towers. He started it when he had just left Makerere University Business School (MUBS) where he was studying Business Computing.

It was from this Kasiryelabs labs project that he came up with Vinepulse; an urban Christian entertainment website that runs exclusively local Christian content and pushes gospel creatives to have the same competitive advantage as secular artists online.

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“Web development is a passion that I got while I was in my secondary school. However, it was until I was about to finish campus when I ventured into full time development as a freelancer and with this passion, I managed to register my first company Kasiryelabs.” He told MTN Pulse.

For Mr. Kasirye, it has been a roll since as he has been able to rub shoulders with the most prominent people in Uganda and across the globe. What did they say about the child that washes their hands? Or was it “that humbles themselves?” Where they get to eat with Kings and Queens. That one.

“I have worked on global projects such as ASFA Awards as a CTO, UGO Uganda (the first Ugandan web portal) as well as the Abryanz franchise to mention but a few.” He says.

With his web development expertise over the years, he has strengthened his passion and is now the Leader of the Woo Commerce Community in Uganda, WordPress Community leader in Entebbe among others.

Kasirye told MTN Pulse that he chose working with digital systems because majority of the people across the globe rely on the internet as their major source of information which creates a lot of jobs for system developers (to develop these information systems).

“The internet is the first go to place when people are making online purchasing decisions, this has invented many jobs for computer users to create working information systems.” He said.

“During this pandemic the demand for online solutions for businesses including their web presence has created an increase in demand for Great Web designers and developers all around the world, and as a result I have been doing free trainings through the WordPress Community of Uganda to create awareness to other developers and youths who want to learn and earn while at home in their comfort.” He added.

His message to young people is that programmers aren’t just relevant in software development companies or industries that are “obviously” tech. He emphasizes that the demand for programmers is growing in practically any industry that needs talented individuals to create digital applications.

“With the digital transformation many youths need to acquire digital skills which can be learnt online or coding communities to breakthrough to a next generation career level.” Kasirye said.

His project is on Facebook at kasiryelabs and on Twitter @braindevemture. Load MTN Pulse bundles to be part of the Pulse Nation and connect more with Kasirye.

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