The issue of sexuality is very pressing and affects very many pulsers. It is a very broad topic that cannot be tackled in one go however, Reproductive Health Uganda held their annual Inter University Dialogue this month to discuss the role of culture and religion in promoting better sexual health outcomes. The inter university dialogue had many stakeholders from students to religious leaders to members of parliament and other stakeholders present at the Makerere freedom square.

Irrespective of the heavy down pour on 12th October, the dialogue went on as planned with Hon. Jacob Opolot as the chief guest. In attendance were Miss Uganda Rising Woman 2019: Gloria Nawanyanga, the vice chancellor of Makerere: Professor Nawangwe, representatives from different religious institutions, the Nabagerekka foundation, among many other institutions.


Some of the many issues that were raised were that religion and culture have a huge bearing on people so if the religious and cultural institutions got involved in the issues of sexual health, people would easily take up the messages of better sexual health practices. Another important thing that was raised is that we need to determine what age is appropriate to discuss sexuality topics with children.

We need to be on our toes thinking of ways we can help pulsers to have better sexual health practices and knowledge. How can parents go beyond talking about menstruation to their girls to even preparing both boys and girls for sex? We need to understand that no matter how crucial the topic of sex may sound; it is a part of our everyday life and pulsers are indulging in it and they need to be informed on how best to have better sexual health practices.


You can follow some of the discussions that were held at the inter university dialogue by searching for #IUDUg19 on twitter, you could probably learn a thing or two for you and your fellow pulsers.

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