20-year-old Annitah Kanyesigye (Instagram: @anita_kanya) is a student of Bachelors of Commerce at Makerere University and an upcoming model.

Below she speaks to MTN Pulse about her life and passion for modelling;

Why are you interested in modelling as a career?

I have a great passion for fashion, art, design and nature. Modelling is the only career that engulfs all my passions leaving non untouched and it’s a way embracing personal vanity and confidence.

Why would you think you’re fit to be a model?

I am fit to be a model because I can freely and effortlessly portray different messages ranging from educational –social –physical-health related etc.

What are your goals as an upcoming model and how do you see your evolution in this field?

First my dream is to break the colour differential preferences. This encampuses appreciation of ones colour and breakage of racial favouritism in terms of colour. I see myself at great runways internationally and on covers of influential magazines inspiring young people to believe in their dreams.

Models need to be clear communicators. How do you rate your communication skills from 1-10?

Am an 8 in communication both verbal and non-verbal.

How do you communicate with people? Are you friendly?

I am not the friendliest person you will find but I am surely good at cheering up people and creating bonds with different kinds of personalities.

Are you patient? Or a go getter model?

I am a patient go getter because in life even when you are striving hard to achieve what you desire, patience is virtue.

Are you single? Just asking for the pulsers out there.

Ha-ha! Ha-ha oh yes I am single.

Who do you look up to in the Ugandan modelling industry and why?

I look up to Amito Lagum and Patricia Akello.

How often do you exercise or go to the gym?

I exercise daily (every morning at 6) and I go to the gym twice a month for better guidance.

Has any modelling company signed you up?

No. None yet.

What do you hope to accomplish at a modelling agency if signed?

I hope to have a great impact on the creativity and innovation in the agency if chance arises and also be better version of the model in.me. I also hope to make more friends and learn a whole lot.

Do you have any limitations or you would go all-out attack for any modelling gig?

I completely have zero limitation with work. I handle all business with professionalism, enthusiasm, zeal and flexibility.

Tell us something someone wouldn’t know about you, just from looking at your selection.

You would definitely not know that my favourite dish is posho and chicken stew.

Any advice to other pulsers who want to venture into modelling or any other area of their interest?

They should work and pray hard. More so, they should challenge themselves to things that look beyond ordinary. That is where success lies. Thank you.

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