Is Rocket Health the Hero of Tele-medicine?

Latest News | 2021-07-15

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to visit your doctor or head to the pharmacy but for one reason or another, you just could not make that journey? Well guess what? You do not have to wait another millennium to experience this because Rocket Health is already spearheading a paradigm shift in Uganda’s healthcare industry.

Rocket Health Uganda was founded in 2012 by Dr. Davis Musinguzi with the aim of fixing healthcare to make it a better experience for the patient/customer. “At Rocket Health, we know that your time is valuable. Through our service you can conveniently make an appointment at the clinic that fits into your schedule with a doctor in real time,” Musinguzi said in a recent interview. “It’s outdated to rely on physical presence and getting stuck in overcrowded clinics and hospitals to get treatment. Especially when you can use available advanced mobile applications to access doctors at convenient time possible in real time,” he explains.

For Rocket Health, their aim is convenience. A subsidiary of the Medical Concierge Group, the service enables one to get all the standard services offered by a clinic without leaving the comfort of your home or work place. All one has to do is send an SMS, call or visit their website to receive services like doctor consultations, vaccinations, drug purchases, laboratory tests, sexual reproductive health services and much more.

Rocket Health has delivered mobile healthcare services to thousands all over Uganda and keeps growing its clientele due to the efficient and quality services provided, as evidenced by the rave reviews from a couple of their customers.

Mercy, a customer of Rocket Health says they are efficient, deliver on time and are very professional especially with remote consultations, and that payments can be made through Mobile Money. “I bought covidex recently from them as well as did remote consultation with a doctor. I paid using mobile Money”, she recalls.

Another customer, Lamaro, says she rates Rocket Health highly because their medication is “way cheaper than all the other hospitals I’ve been too”. “I rate them on a scale of 8/10 because they are effective, friendly and convenient. I don’t have to leave my work desk to go line up at a hospital, I can get a diagnosis right there and get my medicine where I’m at”, she adds.

As positive and rosy as all those reviews may sound, running a tele-medicine service is not easy. And one of those challenges relates to dealing with an overwhelming amount of orders and traffic on their communication lines. “Their shortcoming is maybe from the fact that they have gotten a large customer base now, so they might need to hire more riders because sometimes there are delays in delivery or their phone lines are too busy”, Lamaro explains.

When asked about the challenges faced when using Rocket Health, Mercy says, “Sometimes when there are many people ordering medicine, for instance Covidex, you aren’t sure if the product is still available, and because demand is sometimes very high, you may not make the cut to get product.” She goes on to say that response time is an area they’ll need to improve upon, especially when they’re overwhelmed with orders.

Despite all the short falls, Rocket Health continues to pave the way as the leading tele-medicine service provider in the country on account of their efficiency in delivery, discreet nature of their doctor consultations, as well as affordable medication and convenient methods of payment.

All one has to do is dial *280#, call 0800277015 or visit their website ( to receive services like doctor consultations, vaccinations and a lot more.

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