When you get admitted into the university of your dreams for your dream course and manage to graduate, everyone congratulates you upon the milestone. Very few, if not none, really elaborate to you that you have commenced a hard phase in your life, through which you are bound to make or break your life’s portfolio. Without over-thinking things, here are the main things you should expect after campus life:

Job hunting and rejection
Unless you were already groomed to take over your parents’ empire, and/or you are well ‘connected’, you have no guarantee that you will get a job at your first attempt. Getting your job application rejected should be a driving force for you to keep searching, not a reason for you to back down.

Your first salary might not be ideal
Don’t expect to get the same pay as people that have worked for the company for years. Plain and simple.

No more free pocket money
See, the beauty about school is, you will always get free money from parents and other relatives just by asking. If you finish campus, everyone will expect you to man up and make your own money.

You will have to leave home
This is the case mainly for boys. At some point, even before your parents mention it, you will feel uncomfortable staying home, eating your parents’ food and being governed by the same rules that your little siblings must abide to. Coming back late after a night out with the boys or the girls, won’t always be received well by the zeeyi’s, so you’ll eventually have to leave.


Shelving your degree for passion
This happens a lot, mostly after you’ve hunted for jobs to the point of no return. You will end up doing that job you never expected to do full time, just to make ends meet.

Marriage pressure
Typical Ugandan parents never want to discuss relationship issues with their children. But after you have completed uni – especially the girls – your old woman will begin dropping hints like, “Jackie, didn’t you have friends at campus? Bring them over and let me get to know them.” You will obviously notice exactly what she means.

Relatives will ask for help
After knowing that you’ve landed a big job, every relative will want you to be of help to them and their kids. You’ll have to make bold decisions though, since you definitely can’t be able to help everyone.

Further studies
You probably guessed this already. Your workplace will require further qualifications to promote you. And if you have searched for a job in vain, the parents will ask you to go back to school to increase your chances of employ-ability. Be ready!


Just a few of those from my fingertips, there could be more depending on your unique situation, but in all that, consider checking out MTN’s graduate program.

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