Dance is a way we can communicate a lot of things and for Dtrix, dance is something that he is very passionate about. Denis Ntembe aka Dtrix Parker 14 is a professional dancer with a popular dance group in town called H2C which stands for Here 2 Change.

Dtrix and his two friends David and Cedric have used their talent of dance to inspire very many pulsers to use their passion and talents to build brands. If you have watched Beenie Gunter and Skales’ Olina Work, they are the dancers in the video. They have also danced in videos for Judith Babirye, Voltage music, Ykee Benda, David Lutalo and the list goes on and on. H2C has also gone ahead to hold dance classes to the public every Friday at Fitness Junction at a fee of only 20,000shs.

For Dtrix, dance is everything to him.  It helps him express his emotions, thoughts and feelings. Although he studied Development Economics, he has chosen to take his talent and passion for dance to the next level. He has collected a number of awards from dancing at the TUM awards 2017, Krump winner 2016 and 2019 and he was also the Krump UG 1 on 1 face off Winner in 2016.

To the pulsers who love to dance, Dtrix encourages you to create a balance between education and your passion. Once your grades look good, your parents will surely support you to take on your passion.

To see more of Dtrix and H2C dance, you can load a pulse data bundle by dialing *157# and following them on their social media pages. Be sure to also attend their dance fitness classes every Friday at Fitness Junction as you prepare for the MTN marathon that will be happening on the 24th of this month.

Instagram: h2c_dance

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