Meet Ashley Mbabazi, a Pulser Running For Miss Uganda UK

Latest News | 2019-09-20

Probably a few inches away from the Miss Uganda Beauty Pageant, just a short distance away from it lies the Miss Uganda United Kingdom (UK) Pageant. The latter has grown over the years to a point that it is almost as big as the pageant back here at home.

It has attracted so many Ugandans living in the UK who are genuinely nostalgic about their country and love to carry her flag in the land of our former colonial masters. This year, a Pulser (Ashley Mbabazi) is competing for the crown.

She is a second year student of Accounting and Finance who believes Uganda is the best home place on the Universe and that she (the country) deserves every attention there is.

“I come to Uganda every year and a half because I really love home. I don’t think I can go two years without coming” Mbabazi told MTN Pulse.

“The people are so fun and outgoing. Everyone loves to party and having a good time. And then the food, oh my God! But I also love Uganda because my family is there and I can’t go long time without connecting with and seeing them.” She added.

Mbabazi is part of a charity in Uganda called Ffena Tujunne that works on ensuring that children with disabilities are confident and know they can be anything they want to be in life. According to her, once she wins the pageant, she plans to use the platform to continue empowering the children but on a bigger scale.

She is a youth leader at her local church group in the UK called Uganda Croydon Catholic Community where young people are taken through activities that promote their culture and heritage like traditional dances and others such as peeling matooke and cooking Ugandan foodstuff.


“I would like to continue working on African heritage by creating more engagement for the Ugandan youths to get to know their culture. I want to do this country over.”

Mbabazi is a Pulser and has engaged in a number of Pulse activities and events because she believes her age group (youths) are in such places and she loves connecting with them.

You can vote for her to be Miss Uganda UK using their official website or through this link it is important to note that voting runs till 25th September and you can only vote once in every 24 hours. We wish her all the best.

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