One of the biggest Radio and Weasel songs ever is “Ability”, which featured Ugandan dance hall Legend Rabadaba. The trio complimented each other perfectly on other hit songs too, like “Mr. DJ” and “Locomotive/The Whistle Song”, and despite the soon and tragic demise of music maestro Mowzey Radio, his partner Weasel has reunited with their longtime buddy Rabadaba on a song, featuring the high flying, singing boy band B2C.

As he always masterfully does, Weasel gave “Freaky Love” an attention-grabbing intro, and Rabadaba discharged an avalanche of bars in his usual dance hall rap style.

Mr. Lee, who many like to call “The poor man’s Mowzey Radio” came next, flossing his smooth vocals in his verse, then connected straight into a catchy hook, to which the hoarse-voiced Bobby Lash kept replying in chorus. Bobby then did his verse, and was followed by Weasel, who clearly inspired his style. Julio Delivad also unleashed his contribution, before the song had various part repeats that led to its end.

The audio sits on a hard-hitting looped beat, made by Nessim Pan Production aka City Boy; and the  video shot by Aronaire On Set, rotates between three scenes. One outdoor with 2 posh cars and sleek street outfits, the other with overalls in a warehouse, and the third in a dimly lit room. The sensual video vixens brought out the theme of the song pretty well.

I for one love this song, and been listening to it on Tidal for about a week now thanks to MTN’s favorable plan. You too can check it out using the link below:

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