MTN I believe is the biggest telecom company in Africa later on Uganda. This means that very many young people would love to get the feel of working in such a big corporation.


We were able to catch up with Nabadda Beatrice; one of the students who did internship at MTN in their intake last year to find out what her experience was like.

How did you apply for internship?

With my pulse bundles, i was always surfing the internet looking for opportunities around. Just like that i landed on a link from MTN asking interns to apply for placements. I did and luckily enough, I was shortlisted for a written interview. The written interview was basically general knowledge just like in general paper and the last question was about MTN to see if I had any knowledge about their products and services. After a while, I received a message on my phone that I had been given an internship placement.

Beatrice, right, with a colleague at an MTN Pulse event


What was your experience like?

The experience was really good. As opposed to other people saying that they go to relax at their internship placements, I had serious work. On day one we had orientation where we met everyone from top to bottom in terms of hierarchy. We had to be at work by 8am and had to leave at about 4:30-5pm. Our dress code had to be corporate from Monday to Thursday and causal on Friday. It was a learning experience because for example I had no experience in human resource but it was like I had graduated in one after I had left. I was also able to be a part of an interview panel to learn how interviews are conducted.

Beatrice engaging in an MTN work-fun event

What were the people at MTN like?

They were and still are very professional and cool. They were very nice and engaging. I learnt so much from different people, even from those that were outside the department where i was placed. They also interviewed us when we were finishing our internship to find out what they could do better for the interns to come.

Interns at MTN from last year

Would you go back to do work with MTN if given the opportunity?

YES! I would jump right at it with no doubt. I was made to feel at home and the people at MTN know how to mix work and fun.

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