The state of football in our country may not be where most fans would love to see it, but we all agree that in the last five years we have seen developments that make the dream of seeing our clubs in top flight football competitions almost a reality. This has largely been through massive investment in sports like the over 4BN that MTN Uganda has invested in KCCA FC and Arua based Onduparaka.



Such a dream shared by fans, is the same that is shared by Brian Amwine (popularly known as B.A – initials for his name). The towering figure in his team’s defense only reminded me of Liverpool’s Virgil Van Dyke the first time I met him. He is so tall, you can bet any set-piece ball would go past him.

The Bachelors of Agriculture (Land Use and Management) student at Makerere University has been captain of the University Football team for over a year.

Growing up in an academics and sports life, he attended International Window School in Mbarara for his Primary education, Ntare School (also in Mbarara) for his Secondary from where he was admitted to Makerere University where he is still attaining his tertiary education. Has education tampered with his football talent? Absolutely not!
In fact, Amwine says it has only propelled it because it was his exploits in the university football team that caught the eyes of SC Villa scouts.


“With education, it’s all about keeping the most important and that can be achieved through giving books the time they deserve.” Amwine said.
“But professional football is about having the zeal, commitment, focus and dedication to achieve regardless of other life priorities” he added.

Before his SC Villa move, he had played football for clubs like Bushenyi United, Bushenyi Young and Miracle F.C all of which are regional teams in Western Uganda but are professional teams that could bounce into the Azam Premier League any moment. However when the SC Villa offer came up, he could not resist it and consequently appended his signature.

Amwine is one of those individuals that are willing to risk it all to develop their talents. His hard work and commitment have enabled him to juggle the ever demanding needs for academic excellence alongside the necessities of maintaining a professional career in football like training and keeping fit. He believes that with more investment in the football sector, Ugandans have all the reasons to shift their loyalties from UK based football clubs and vigorously supporting their home based clubs like they should do.

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