When in high school and having dreams of taking on a career in journalism in Uganda and when you finally join journalism school at the university, the desired destinations are usually Nation Media, Next Media and Vision Group. The story of Olivia Komugisha, a 21 year old student of Makerere University, is a true testament of the saying “Dreams come true”.

In 2017, just a few semesters into her Bachelor’s degree at Makerere University, Olivia won an award for The Best Tech News Reporter in The Media Challenge Initiative Awards, something which set her course clear to sail through to her goal of being something big in the media industry. She later became part of the Media Challenge crew, mentoring other young people with dreams similar to hers.

Fast-forward: 2019, Olivia is now a reporter with NTV Uganda, one of the best news stations in the country and she has reported viral stories, like the one of Henry Suubi, the Makerere freshman who was bullied for having a metallic suitcase. She is also popular for her reports about the strikes in Makerere University, among other stories.

To the pulser out there, Miss. Komugisha shares her driving force, so that you can be inspired by it:
“I have my mind open to learn, my hands ready to serve the world through effective journalism and my mouth open wide to speak for the unprivileged and flexible to change with swiftly changing profession”.

You can keep up with Olivia’s reporting on NTV Uganda, by streaming using the Pulse TV Bundles for DSTV. Simply dial *165*82#

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