PHOTOS: Makerere Law Finalists Lavishly End their Stay at Campus

Latest News | 2019-05-06

On May 4th, fourth year law students at Makerere University made the long journey to lake-side Speke Resort Hotel in Munyonyo to colorfully mark the end of their four year stay at the university.

The students, who begin their final exams on Monday 13th had the dinner that is the equivalent of the high school leavers’ parties they used to throw for candidate classes only that this one is more romantic and unrestricted since the attendees are way over 18.

The guest of honour, Court of Appeal Justice Kenneth Kakuru actually told them that dinners are part of their professional training as lawyers and joked that one needed to attend over 40 to qualify for the bar.

“Being able to tell the difference between a wine glass and water glass is part of the law training because lawyers are part of the high society and they need to know such things,” Justice Kakuru said at the dinner.

The dinner was pieced together by their umbrella student association, the Makerere Law Society (MLS) and can be attended by students across all years, not just finalists. Although, emphasis is on the finalists.

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