Yesterday, 6th May, was an evening of breath taking glitz and glam in New York as one of the most anticipated red carpet fashion events all over America took place. The Met Gala has been one special fashion event on which designers, movie starts, singers basically everyone involved in the arts is free to go wild with their fashion choices as long as its in line with the theme. It is an invite only fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Constume Institue in New York. It has been happening yearly since 1948. Last evening’s theme was “Camp:Notes on Fashion” and here’s how your favourite celebrities wore to the event;

Billy porter made a dramatic entrance to the event. He is a pop singer and actor
Cardi B’s dress swept the floor for a whole 10 meter round and long. Her dress took 2000 hours to make. It is similar to Rihanna’s dress from last year.
Celine Dion’s gold beaded dress was hand made. Imagine how long that took!
Lady Gaga has been known to wear the most unpredictable and over the top costumes. She wore a parachute dress which she stripped off one by one while on the red carpet
Lady Gaga after removing the pink long parachute
Beneath the black dress, she had another pink dress. You’ve got to love Gaga
And finally, she managed to strip off till her under garments. Only Gaga could do this
Many of us have won Michael Kors’ clothing and accessories but we do not know how he looks like. This is him arriving with Gigi Hadid. probably made her dress.
Katty Perry arriving as a life sized chandelier with electric candals.
Katty Perry after changing from a chandelier to a veg burger. This is her delivering her own notes on fashion
Did the Jenners dress the part? maybe, maybe not. Who are we to judge? They pulled off the Versace feathered dresses anyway
He owns several broadway theatres in New York. His attire is of a certain part within one of his magical theatres. Photo by Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock
Jared Leto, the actor from suicide squad showed up with his plus one that no one saw coming. It was a replica of his own face.
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. Their diamond studded attires and shoes cost a whole fortune
A sports personality that carries it with her everywhere she goes is special. Serena Williams showed up with a flowy dress with yellow Nike sneakers.

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