Pulse CallerTunez



What it is?

The MTN caller ring back tune service allows customers to download a caller tune of their choice and activate it onto their phone to replace the traditional ring tone. When their phone is dialed, the calling party will listen to the tune set by the customer. The CRBT service has both Local and international tunes.

How to get a tune:

Option 1: If a customer has the caller tune code then

  • Dial *170*1*1*1#
  • Enter Tune code and click Send

Option 2: To view catalogue of all available Caller tunes, visit www.mtn.co.ug

  • Choose a tune and follow instructions to download

What is the CRBT/CALLERTUNE charge?

  • Monthly fee per Callertune is UGX700/-


  • Every month, MTN will make available a list of FREE caller tunez ONLY for Pulse customers
  • A pulse customer may download one or more tunes for FREE from the list
  • The downloaded tune will be valid for 30 days. After the free 30days, customers are expected to pay the regular Tune fee which is 700/- to keep the Tune active.
  • The customer will be notified before and after the CallerTune has expired
  • If a customer wishes to download any other callertune that is not available on the List, they will be charged the regular download fee which is 700/-

How will the Pulse offer work?

  1. A customer will dial *157#ok
  2. Select pulse freebies
  3. Select CRBT
  4. Select any callertunez of their choice among the 10 callertunez available on the List.