Certainly not, especially for the guys. I understand that looking dapper is the goal for this day but that look can be pulled off in other ways. The western culture has offered us so many fashion trends but it has also eroded us of some, that could still keep the drip coming through. Here are some of the options of what you can wear for your big day;

Embrace your African roots. I’m not sure what the original name for this ensemble is but let’s go with “Ki Nigeria”. This is one of the sleekest, cleanest looks that Jidenna has effortlessly served goals with. I chose Jidenna because; touché! he is the perfect example of embracing roots. Looks aside, this attire never has so much going on and with changing weather it is perfect to camouflage with it. Accessorizing it is a whole other easy-pick. Dear pulsers let us remember that less is always more.

Ok, if a suit-look is what you aim at achieving, give it a pimp for the culture. Neat Chino pants instead of the gentle trousers would do you no harm. Come on, we have seen grooms in Chino pants that have been paraded in style magazines. You can still pull it off.


Collarless shirts is another option if you don’t want to derail so much from the suit ensemble. Is it just me or does anyone else like how simple yet dapper they look? Imagine your sharp edges well trimmed sitting above a collarless shirt. Priceless! Accessory is key, accessory is key, accessory is key. These shirts are extremely easy to accessorize.

Kitenge print. Let’s keep within our heritage ba guy! If we were being honest, suits don’t differ much in colour and neither in style. How about you made it different with a touch of an African print. You could decide what you want “Africanized”. We need this heritage maintained.

Alright, for the change, how about we have more ladies dressed in suits? This is not a culture that has previously been common but it is getting acceptance recently. Let us do it girls. Rock the suits! Let’s not forget, get a properly fitting attire. It matters most.

We congratulate all the pulsers that are graduating this week. May your hard work pay off even further.


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