West African crossovers – however unavoidable – have always left the average Ugandan with mixed feelings. From Nollywood films, to Afrobeats music, and now the West African head wrap; which is lately so common placed at Ugandan weddings, you might be tempted to think it is an aspect of our culture that has merely been resuscitated – West Africa has indeed continued to be a benchmark for The Pearl of Africa.

At as low as 150,000 UGX, one can get themselves an already-made piece, and some are wrapped on for photoshoots on the go. Sabira Mulungi, a makeup artist who does a lot of functions, noticed the fad and decided to make a killing off it.

“My main customers are brides and wedding guests, and the main functions that get me clients are the customary weddings like Kwanjula.” Explains Sabira, mentioning that she is aware of the origins of the wrap, but style has no bounds.

The famous head wrap, can be donned on anything from African fabric, to a dinner dress, so it doesn’t limit creativity. Other stars like Lupita Nyong’o have rocked one before, and you too can try it out and never know you might get hooked.

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Courtesy photos.

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