Pulse Fashion Tips: How To Care For Your Beard

Latest News | 2019-12-03

It is just the first week of December, so what does that imply? Yeah right, #NoShaveNovember or what others prefer to call #Movember just ended; so you might want to reduce your “manliness” by getting rid of that beard or better still, you might want to just keep it because face facts: you are kind of starting to get attached to it. But what’s good about getting attached to something you can’t maintain? These quick tips are for you if you want to keep your facial hair and rock it with great finesse like the King you are.

Shampoo it regularly
Shampoo has ingredients which help keep your beard clean, prevent it from getting overly oily, and give it that fresh scent. This is one product you can’t stay away from if you are thinking of channeling your inner Rick Ross(or anyone whose beard you admire). Twice a week washing of your facial treasure is a good frequency, but the more you can do it, the better. Also, make sure you use shampoo products that are made for men.

Oil it whenever you can
A good oil goes a long way in moisturizing your beard and giving it that optically satisfying shine. You will need to experiment though in this sector, before you find the right oil that works for you.

Make it pop
This can be done by keeping it well trimmed, and its boundaries well-defined. If you are blessed with a chiseled face this will make it stand out more and if you are not, those sharp edges will make for a pop in your look. Don’t however try to achieve this with a small razor shaver as it will give you pimples, and not provide rewarding results either. Visit your barber whenever you need a beard tuck.

Brush it accordingly
Depending on the kind of look you fancy, you have to choose your preferred way of brushing your beard. In the end, that extra touch will always be worth it.

Other beard connoisseurs might suggest things like disinfecting your beard to prevent it from parasites like lice and other diseases, but that might be a bit of an overkill for some. But for all the products you might need to care for your beard, none cannot be found on readily available apps, and thankfully Jumia has offers for Pulsers, so hasten and redeem your offer by dialing *157#

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