Pulse Fashion Tips: Why Everyone Needs a Fanny Pack

Latest News | 2019-09-03

As a lover of bags, I appreciate that the fashion evolution has reached my greatest accessory. I would carry any kind of bag any day ranging from back packs, to shoulder bags, to handbags name it. But once I discovered they fanny pack, I realized it could be the greatest fashion trend so far and here is why everyone needs to own one.

Who needs to choose between style or comfort when a fanny pack can give you both? I have not seen any person that has worn one and not looked stylish. In most cases my friends want to borrow or actually take my fanny bags just because of how simple and comfortable they look.

They can be worn in so many different ways. The adjustable straps allow you to wear it on the hips, waist or even cross body and in some instances, guys’ fanny packs can be worn as breast bags. Cool, right? The first time I saw these bags, I was so intrigued into finding one and my search led me to Twambale Apparel. I got my fanny pack on a discounted price after dialing *157*4# and I paid using my Momo Pay.


Did I mention that fanny packs are unisex and they actually look extremely cool on guys? In my opinion I think they come in handy for guys that are into the chill or party life. Imagine you went to have fun at a lit place with your guys and you worry that will lose your belongings; the fanny pack is there to save you. It’s hands free and strapped onto your body so definitely ‘kifeesi’ won’t have anything on you. Or better still, are you the kind of girl that likes it when your boo holds your bag for you, its easier for them to carry a fanny pack than your shoulder bag. Think about it.


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