Most of us wear and buy watches for a reason and most of those reasons are more complicated than “I like it.” But I can’t dispute the simple satisfaction of owning a watch that you really like. It’s not just the perfect clothes and make-up that make a good accessory but a nice watch is the ultimate accessorizing piece that will make your attire look a million times better.

Different kinds of watches have been made over the years and some of these watches have really recent technology that helps read your heart beat, help in you cardio exercises basically tracking all activity connected with your heart and movements. Cool, right? Such watches are best accessories for sports attires and more often than not, people use them on casual collections.

Besides looking cool when wearing that Daniel Wellington watch or Hublot, you can tell time with it. Did you know? Only those that constantly wear watches with actual working cells know this. Wink* This will save you the hustle of having to pull out your phone each time you need to have Time checked. Sometimes we go for parties in crowded places and the risk of pulling out your phone to check time gets more expensive than owning a watch you can look at any time.

Have you ever worn an accessory and no one notices it? Well, that’s an almost impossible thing with watches. Anyone would love a compliment about what they are wearing and with a good watch, you cannot go wrong. Sometimes it captures the attention you are not even seeking. Still a good thing.

One fact that’s ignored a lot is that watches in effect make you look more responsible than you actually are. If I had to choose who to trust with an assignment or anything of treasure, a person wearing a watch would be at an advantage.

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